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  1. Mendy James - Silva - Zouma - Chilwell Kante - Kovacic CHO - Havertz - Pulisic Werner 5-0 Chelsea. Mendy hat-trick and a brace from Lampard.
  2. He was so bad for the second goal against Southampton. Not only the poorly hit back pass to Kepa but after that he basically stood still afterwards making no effort to try and mae amends for his error.
  3. You do know we signed six players this summer that are likely to start the majority of our games? Is that not changing the personnel? We were without our first choice central defender and goalkeeper... Guess which two positions made errors leading to goals yesterday? Zouma and Christensen are very limited players but we're stuck with them for now. There's a real lack of quality centre backs available and that's why we signed a 35 year old Silva... We knew we were unlikely to shift any of the current centre backs and that's why we've still got 5 on the books. This is a three y
  4. But Willy isn't really any better than Kepa, he's not reliable and makes a lot of silly errors himself. It's Sophie's choice really. End of the day Kepa is the £70m investment and it's within our interests to make that work.
  5. Yes. The new signings have barely played. Those signings are the ones who fix the problems from today. We already know Zouma and Christensen aren't good enough individually and definitely as a centre back pairing. That Zouma back pass was criminal and gave Southampton the confidence to push us for 90 minutes. Silva has only been here 5 minutes and already he's an automatic pick despite having 5 centre backs to choose from. We all know Kepa is pony. He's rounded so easily for the first and once again gets beat by a fairly tame shot from outside the area. Mendy is b
  6. Without wanting to jinx it, I've got one on pre-order with Amazon. Fluked getting one the morning after the announcement with some furious refreshing of the website as soon as they listed them. Not had any emails etc. (yet) to say I might not get mine so looking good so far,,, Think I might be ill on 19th and unable to come into work.
  7. Only watched the goals but he looked pretty suspect for two of Switzerland's three goals. Low is under increasing pressure to recall Hummels and Boatang to the national side, apparently he's decided it's time for a new phase for the German national side so has stopped calling them up... But when Rudiger is the alternative, is that really the smartest move?
  8. Pre-ordering games for PS5 is so much harder than it should be. Game have most of them listed but after I saw they were sticking a hidden delivery charge on the PS5 and it's peripherals I'm loath to order from them. But try searching for PS5 games on Amazon and half of them don't even show up. Cyberpunk 2077 has a set release date now but no pre-orders on PS5. Call of Duty Cold War... No PS5 pre-order available. Looks like you have to buy it for PS4 and then "upgrade" it on your PS5 console. I prefer physical copies to digital but it's looking like I'll have to buy digit
  9. I've only seen this morning that many of the international teams are playing 3 games during this break?! That's ridiculous. Honestly, how did they think cramming in three games during an already packed shedule was a good idea? I'm not a big fan of international football at the best of times. End of the day clubs pay huge transfer fees for players and pay their huge wages. International sides then get carte blanche of call ups and playing times over a club's most valuable assets. We've had 4 rounds of fixtures in the Premier League this season... Now you've got players ha
  10. It's mainly unfair on clubs like Burnley whose games are shown about half as often as the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool etc. So their fans are going to be asked to shell out the £15 twice as often as the fans of bigger clubs. It's immediately an unfair system. They really need to look into the idea of a streaming season ticket. You pay a set fee at the start of the season that gives you access to all of the games of your chosen team(s).
  11. The Athletic reporting that early indications are that it shouldn't rule him out for more than 2 weeks. He's likely to only miss the Southampton game if true.
  12. I refer you to the below reply I made to this in the Partey rumour thread. Bakayoko isn't the only player who received a loan fee and that fee was £4.5m no £1.8m. I'm not sure why you keep making the same baseless assertion over and over? If Chelsea didn't make money from the loan system, why do you think they've been doing it for over a decade now? What exactly do you think the club are doing when they buy players for £5m or under and then loan them out continuously for 5 or so years? EDIT: Why don't we see loan fees more widely reported? A quick Google search
  13. We're entering mid October and players have played more times for their international side than they have league fixtures. Tells you everything you need to know about how needless and distruptive these international fixtures have been. Common sense says they should have scrapped the mid season breaks, ended the seasons as early as possible and had an extended window after that for international friendlies leading into the Euro 2021 finals.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/coronavirus /EndThread
  15. That's an objective opinion on your part. If the manager has identified a player they want at the moment the club is demonstrating they'll go all in to get that player. Previously we weren't doing that and were content to recruit plan B, C, D... That's how we ended up with the likes of Zappacosta, Bakayoko and Morata all of which no longer play for Chelsea which should tell you something. We're following a similar model to Liverpool's approach to recruit which is to target and recruit specific players. Which is why Partey was never going to come to Chelsea. I'm sure the plan was
  16. Spurs probably, they signed players for all the areas they most needed. Partey looks a decent signing for Arsenal but outside of him I don't think any of their signings improve on what they already had. Man City made their obligatory defensive signings but I think it's strange they bought two centre backs when they already had decent options there, I could see Ake ending up as left back for them. Torres seems a decent enough signing but again, is he any better than what they already had? Liverpool signed Jota and he's only going to act as a quite expensive back up to Mane and
  17. Ozil could be left out of Arsenal's 25 man Premier League squad. I can think of harder ways to earn £350,000 a week.
  18. Pretty much every player leaving on loan carries a loan fee, that's literally how they work. It's just not widely reported what those fees are. Barkley's loan to Villa is rumoured to be up to £11m. Bakayoko's fee to Napoli is widely reported to be £4.5m, RLC is apparently £2m. So that's getting on for £20m in loan fees already, not too shabby if you ask me.
  19. If this transfer window has taught us anything it's that we're not settling for 2nd choice transfer targets. Arsenal have been tracking Partey for 2 years, they've had personal terms agreed with him for ages. He was never realistically going to sign for Chelsea. Selling the likes of Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta wouldn't have had any bearing on signing Rice. We needed to sell 1 or 2 players currently in the first team set up to do that... Truth is we were massively overstocked on midfielders, many of them more suited to playing in more advanced positions than sitting deep. We've
  20. Rudiger pulling a Winston Bogarde on us.
  21. To be fair he's only got to stick around for 2 months to see how much football he'll play. If he's getting little playing time he can find a suitable club in January.
  22. We've made about £12m in loan fees on him in the last 3 years. Probably wouldn't get much more than that from a permanent sale right now so if anything we're getting more out of him financially by sending him on loan.
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