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  1. Another positive contribution last night. Hopefully him and Ba can both maintain their good form up to the end of the season.
  2. 4th game in a row he has had a positive impact for us... Should have been given a penalty against him. Just a shame he hasn't had this level of performance all season.
  3. He is only 23 appearances short of having made the same number of appearances for us as he did for Liverpool. His time at Liverpool he scored 81 goals in 142 appearances, roughly 1 goal every 1.8 games. At Chelsea he has scored 31 goals in 119 appearances, roughly 1 goal every 3.8 games. Whichever way you dress it up his strike rate for us hasn't been good enough, however if he plays well he still deserves praise like any other player irrespective of his transfer fee.
  4. Apologies I misread your comment at first, I didn't mean to appear to be quibbling over £10m in transfer fees.
  5. I don't remember the exact fees for the listed players but anywho, that's £123m roughly on those strikers you have listed and that's a whole lot of money considering none of them were prolific for us. Crespo looked for us but then came the whole home sick thing, if he had settled in London I think he would have been immense. I completely agree that our record for signing strikers, considering our resources is terrible.
  6. He was effectively our only centre forward from about late October onward when it was confirmed pretty early that Sturridge was off to Liverpool. It was poor squad management going into the season with only two recongnised strikers especially when one of them seemed fairly intent on leaving. I think most strikers thrive on the competition around them and Torres should have had that competition and level of rotation from the start of the season but the truth is he will be one of our most fielded players this season when he has been very average overall for most of the season.
  7. He looked poor before the international break but I agree, since then he's performing much better and has looked very good back in centre of defense.
  8. Ignoring the unfortunate own goal, I thought he played quite well again and is in my opinion now our best option at Right Back over Ivanovic.
  9. Looked a lot more positive when he came on yesterday than he usually does, did very well for the equaliser. The shot towards the end of the game was pretty shabby though and it got me thinking, how many of his goals have been scored outside of the area?
  10. Maybe just coincidence but I think the defense overall has looked better in his absence.
  11. That is exactly the kind of performance he should be delivering. 2 well taken goals and I'm very happy for him. Now comes the inevitable 8 game run without scoring.
  12. Pretty much this. Is there a minimum number of crosses that a player needs to have made to qualify for that list? Also, for arguments sake, you could over hit a cross and a team mate retrieves it, is that a "successful" cross? Statistics like these are so misleading, it's only by watching the players that you can actually judge how good their delivery is.
  13. Barney Ronay is a decent writer, I like that he is a bit more creative with his writing in a lot of his opinion pieces
  14. I thought he looked good when he came on yesterday..... *ahem*
  15. the keepers red it was tough to argue that it denied a clear goal scoring chance because none of our players had the ball under control at the time as it was a lofted ball over the top from Shelvy. second one, yes it hit the guys arm but he had turned his back to the ball and had thrown himself in front of the ball to block the shot, it was a penalty but not sure about a second yellow. Anyway, Josh took the penalty calm as you like but looked pretty relieved it went in as for a moment it looked like the keeper didn't buy into the staggered run up.
  16. Online reviews overall were very positive of the single player campaign but have said the online multiplayer is a massive pile of dog poo. As long as you don't care about the online aspect I'd say it is worth picking it up.
  17. Money is tight at the moment for me so new release are out of bounds for now (Already had to cancel my God of War pre-order) but the Bioshock looks like it could be pretty decent, I've only played the second one and enjoyed that. I've sacked of Mass Effect 3 for now because I managed to take advantage of my local Blockbuster's financial plight by picking up a massively discounted copy of Boderlands 2, very OTT and lots of fun so far.
  18. What did you make of the two Red Cards for Austria? I think we got the rub of the green with those decisions last night. But nice to see both Chalobah and Josh getting a run out.
  19. Maybe if we do buy Falcao we might loan Torres to A. Madrid as part of the deal as a sweetener? No ones gonna fork over money for him but a loan deal as part of securing the striker we want? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
  20. Started Mass Effect 3 this week (not played the previous 2) but not finding it too great to play after work because the cut scenes are quite long making it a bit of bore when you just feel like blowing some stuff up. Finished playing through inFamous again this week as well (decided to be evil not good this time) but have kept my save data to finish off the side quests to do some trophy hunting. I've downloaded the second one off of Playstation Plus and will start on that when done with the first one. Geeking it up on the train into work this week too, I downloaded Teken 2 for m
  21. Agree and I don't think they would sign him as a centre forward either. The fee he would command would be better spent on a more natural goalscorer.
  22. Metro alone has us linked to Hulk, Yaya Toure and Luke Shaw this morning. Wow....
  23. Consistently winning titles. Easier said than done but it's the best way. If he won the lot with us he might move for the challenge like Ronaldo did... but then we would have won everything so I'd still be happy.
  24. I'm sure it doesn't like you much either.
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