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  1. Speaks good English so no problems with communication to the defence. Good signing this, even if he isn't the best in the league he's still likely to be a significant upgrade to Kepa and WIlly C. Gives us a chance to find an exit for Kepa when we'd have the option of buying a world class goalie next summer if needed.
  2. Probably the third best player on the pitch last night behind Abraham and Havertz. Not quite sure where the criticism of him has snuck in from but then I suppose it is to be expected when the number of goals scored is the main metric most players are judged on nowadays.
  3. Played well. Should still leave. Shown in his time at the club he's not good enough. Nice for him to go out on a high though.
  4. I'd start them both. Tammy through the middle, Werner on the left. Going to need Tammy's size to compete against the tank that is Ivanovic in WBA's defence.
  5. Emerson playing as a right sided, inverted winger. Apparently Frank learned a thing or two under his time playing for Ranieri. It's no Hasselbaink at right back, but it's close.
  6. Abraham's link up play has been first class tonight.
  7. Not certain yet that a club Covid test will negate the need for Mendy to self isolate but fingers crossed.
  8. Yeah I don't really care how good they are as footballers anymore. Just the sheer hilarity of having Suarez and Costa, two of the nastiest attackers in modern football, playing together in the same team at the same time... Can't imagine too many defenders would be looking forward to those games.
  9. No he didn't he was in the other half of the pitch when the Henderson made the pass. If anything Jorginho should drop deeper to create a back 3 but most of the blame is on Christensen for letting Mane get goal side of him. Being super critical, Zouma got caught being square on and was slow to react to the ball through leaving Christensen isolated to deal with Sane alone seeing as there wasn't another Liverpool player within 30 odd yards of the pass, if Zouma gets tighter Christensen might escape the red card.
  10. Suarez looks set to join Atletico Madrid on a free from Barca. Atletico are set to send Morata on loan to Juventus on a season long loan with option to buy. Front two for Atletico next season of Suarez and Diego Costa? Yes please!
  11. What record of success did Pep have before Barca him one of the biggest jobs in club management? Frank has been appointed for reasons other than his history in management. The disconnect the fans had with Sarri's drab football and cold personality will also have had a bearing on Frank's appointment. He's being tasked with not only rebuilding the team but also the club's image. You only have to look at his approach to the media and the club putting out the series on the website/YouTube/5th stand app after last season all focusing on what Frank is implementing at the club. It's
  12. That's what the ref did, he checked VAR to see if a red card incident had occured, which it had. Don't think we can have too many grumbles about Christensen's sending off yesterday. If you're the last man with no other defenders around and you bring down the attacker with only the goalie left to beatr you're almost certain to get a red.
  13. I don't think we'll be seeing that midfield three too often once everyone is fit. I would guess Pulisic and Ziyech will play on the wings with Havertz playing behind Werner in an attacking midfield role. Then it's two in a double pivot most likely Kante and Kovacic... A lot of reports say Frank isn't actually that keen on Jorginho as a regular starter.
  14. Leeds went into their game against Liverpool playing a suicidal high line and conceded 4 goals for it. Set up the same way against Fulham and conceded another 3 goals. Sorry but I'm not impressed by what Leeds did. First half, 11 against 11, Liverpool didn't have one meaningful chance on goal. If Werner does better up against Fabinho on two occasions in the first half when he was baring down on goal we could have quite realistically gone in at half time 1-0 up. Suddenly Liverpool have to play even more on the front foot and become even more risk averse... Then the possibilites for us rea
  15. The less he plays the better he becomes...
  16. Okay? But that's still nowhere near to the team he's going to pick with everyone fit so my point still stands. Personally I thought the tactics were working up to the sending off. Liverpool had plenty of the ball but were creating nothing, if anything we were creating the better openings. Agreed. We've got to remember that we were playing the champions of England today and side that were scoring goals for fun last season and we had the worst defence out of the top 10 sides. I had no issue with tactics we deployed considering the number of first team players that were unava
  17. When you consider he had no Pulisic, Zieych, Chilwell, Silva or Mendy today that's half the team that's likely to be different when everyone is fit. Hard to judge Lampard or his team selections/tactics until then.
  18. Played well despite the error but truth is he's now prone to make a match determining mistake every time he plays now. Sealed his fate today, as soon as Mendy is available he's going to be first choice. Just a question of whether Frank looks to the equally questionable Willy in the interim.
  19. Been left out of the match day squad for the Liverpool game apparently. Might be that he's the centre back to make way for Silva's arrival and not Tomori
  20. Germany isn't on the list of countries requiring 14 day isolation but France is. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors
  21. In no particular order: Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United. Despite United losing yesterday they've still got a lot of quality in their squad Pogba, vdb, Fernandes, Rahford and Martial are going to be enough to win them more games than not. I look at that Arsenal squad and with the exception of Auba I don't see any players that the rest of the top 4 challengers are particularly envious of. Bale and Regulion might mean Spurs can push Arsenal a bit closer this year, just depends if Jose can stop making them play so deep. I think Wolves will tail off a
  22. As long as it doesn't have a jet engine sounding fan like the PS4 does I don't care how big it is.
  23. Won't be available to play for us until after the next international break because he's going to have to isolate for 2 weeks after his arrival from France.
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