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  1. Liverpool on the brink of signing Wolves' Jota for £45m. Same Liverpool who Klopp said can't spend money. Never really paid much attention to Jota. Seems like quite a lot of money for someone who will play second fiddle to Mane and Salah.
  2. We're not selling Kepa this season so his market value is irrelivant. Caballero's save ratio is pretty similar to Kepa's and he doesn't necessarily command his area any better than Kepa. Caballero's distribution is a massive downgrade on Kepa's so truthfully I see little reason in changing keepers after just one game. Kepa probably should have done better for the goal against Brighton but personally I thought it was a mcuh better performance that a significant portion of last season. Short of a complete disaster class I'd stick with Kepa until Mendy is signed.
  3. Apparently played really well tonight against Burnley on the right of the back three. Moved to right wing back for the final ten minutes. Think his versatility will see him get plenty of minutes this season.
  4. I'd stick with Kepa. I don't think (potentially) playing three keepers in the first three games does us much good and Willy doesn't exactly command the box either.
  5. I don't really understand the debated about backwards compatibility. If I'm buying a PS5 I'm playing PS5 games on it I don't get the want or expectation to have the ability to play stuff from older consoles. The messaging from both companies has been awful leading up to launch, I agree. Launch titles are always a bit pants generally, I'll probably get Call of Duty and Demon's Souls because they've probably got the most play time in them.
  6. Like when a 21 year old John Terry, who had no winners medals to his name, was made captain of Chelsea ahead of players who between them had won everything going?
  7. Pre orders for PS5 have been a nightmare everywhere has started taking pre orders at different times. I read they weren't going on sale until today but turns out GAME put them up at about 11pm last night so were all gone by this morning. Amazon put their up at 9am this morning but their site wasn't showing the item listing properly or at all.... Managed to get one in the end though. Haven't got any games for it yet though because the listings for those are all over the place as well. Looking like some games are going to cost £70!!!
  8. Thiago for under £30m? Blimey, bargain. Big coup that for Liverpool
  9. Wonder if he's going to play as centre back for West Brom rather than right back.
  10. Dele Alli left out of Spurs' Europa League squad with rumours mounting he could be sold before the window closes. Jose gotta Jose.
  11. Spurs rumoured to being close to signing Bale and Regulion. Seen them linked with Belotti today too. Sounds too good to be true for Spurs but could make the league a bit more interesting.
  12. Wait, we won 3-1, what are we blaming Lampard for?
  13. Strangely The Athletic journalists who report on Chelsea report that he isn't favoured by Lampard and will struggle for game time this season. They've said Billy Gilmore is ahead of him in the pecking order. Not too sure personally and the fact he was given the captain's armband last night doesn't suggest a player out of favour with the manager.
  14. Seeing as we finished 4th last season with Mount playing the majority of games, clearly he does get into a top 6 side.
  15. Played half his games last season on the right wing, it's not a role that is completely foriegn to him. He had 11 goal contributions (6 goals, 5 assists) from playing that position last season compared to 7 goal contributions (4 goals, 3 assists) in 25 games playing as an attacking midfielder. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kai-havertz/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/309400/plus/0?saison=2019&verein=&liga=&wettbewerb=&pos=&trainer_id= Part of the reason he's been bought in is his versitility and it's somehting Lampard highlighted following his signing. It
  16. Thought he played well in the first half. Trouble is at what point do you give up on such a big investment knowing that if you do you're basically throwing away £70m?
  17. If he's not going to start for Chelsea he certainly won't start for Bayern, they've got the best set of wingers in the world. If he gets his head down CHO has the chance to play plenty of minutes this season. I don't see any reason for him to leave.
  18. Looked pretty good last night, hopefully he's over the injuries because he's still comfortably our best midfielder.
  19. Bit of a debut to forget. Not going to be easy for a lot of players to settle into their new clubs with almost non existent pre seasons. Definitely more to come from him.
  20. The fact he didn't score but still looked so impressive is definitely encouraging. If Liverpool play their high line defence next week he could cause them some serious problems.
  21. Barkley outperformed him. Won't get many more chances with the amount of competition for places we have in midfield. Needs to start stepping up a gear or he's going to become a lost cause.
  22. Playing like a team that hasn't had a pre season. Werner the only outfield player that's come out of that half with a good performance. Havertz playing like a fan who won a chance of playing in raffle so far, hopefully just opening night nerves. Kepa, surprisingly commanding so far... Lamptey probably the best player on the pitch so far, can see why the club were reluctant to let him go.
  23. Forgot he was suspended. In which case I think RLC might start, I reckon Barkley is being lined up for the exit (loan move to Newcastle I reckon).
  24. Kepa Dave - Zouma - Rudi - Alonso Kante - Kovacic - Mount Havertz - Werner - CHO Think it's too soon for Silva to go straight in the line up so I reckon he'll sit this one out. Chilwell and Ziyech injured. I think Frank will be cautious with Pulisic's hamstring injury so reckon he'll be on the bench, so Havertz starting in the front three for this one.
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