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  1. That's just it, who says the transfer fee would be £80m? That's exactly the fee the media were throwing around that Chilwell was going to cost us and he ended up being £45m plus £5m in add ons. West Ham can dig their heels in all they like but they're one of the favourites for relegation this season, if they were to go down you can bet the asking price would have to massively drop massively.
  2. Koulibailly is 29, for the transfer fee and wages he'll command he's not worth it. Upamecano is current flavour of the month following his performances after the restart. He's probably going to cost about as much as Rice would anyway. Rice offers versatility, though we apparently want him as a centre back but he also brings leadership and bigger voice on the pitch.
  3. Doesn't work like that though does it. We've seen with Chelsea more than once in the Roman era that the players aren't performing because, usually, they've lost faith in the manager. West Ham are a mess right now and by all reports morale is very low throughout their squad. Their fans have lost all faith in the club too. If Chelsea push for Rice he's probably going to push to leave because regardless of being made captain there isn't a future for him there. It's just a case of when, not if, Rice leaves.
  4. High risk, high reward I know but defensively they look like they're going to concede a lot of chances. Their midfield presses high up the pitch when their defence is trying to play their way out and it looks ripe for turnovers in their final third.
  5. He moved to Fulham on a permanent transfer in January, £8m. So a £3.5m profit (ignoring loan fees) for a player who never even played for us.
  6. I've voted first. I always like going into a new season with confidence and belief of the players and manager. Mountain to climb to overcome Liverpool and City but our attack (on paper) looks blinding this year.
  7. Inter are already in discussions over Emerson. Can't see us selling Alonso, he's miles ahead of Emerson. Lampard is more likely to play Dave at left back if Chilwell isn't fit rather than Emerson so there really is no point Emerson staying.
  8. It's completely tone deaf putting it out as a Chelsea kit. Can't see many Chelsea fans wanting to buy a kit that's in Crystal Palace colours. By all means try something different for a third kit. But red? Eurgh. I hate it.
  9. Done deal by all accounts rumoured that we have agreed a fee of €22m (just over £20m). That's still quite big money for a goalkeeper, short of buying one of the worlds best/most recognised. I've never seen him play but I'm guessing he's going to be in the starting line up sooner rather than later, unless Kepa has a miracle turnaround in form.
  10. Few of the journalists who report on Chelsea are saying that once the Mendy signing is completed we're going to have a crack at Rice. Just how hard we push for him is anyone's guess. David Moyes, predictably, saying in his press conference that he values Rice highly and wouldn't want to lose him.
  11. Everton having the best transfer window in the league besides Chelsea. If they add Tomori on loan to their signings I think they could push for a top 6 place. Liverpool are being very quiet in the window so far. They made no signings last summer, can Klopp keep the momentum going without making any significant signings?
  12. Thinking is to hopefully get a fee out of selling him next summer I guess. We're not likely to make many permanent sales this summer because no one wants to spend. We're not desperate for money because of the Hazard and Morata sales so we're in a position where we can afford to sit tight for 12 months and see if the market improves should Covid settle down etc. More likely to get offered something half decent for Michy next year when presumably he's played most of a season with regular football (first time he's down that for a full season since signing for us).
  13. From signing for Chelsea to loans to Durtmund and Valencia to consecutive loans to permanently relegation threatened Crystal Palace. Says a lot for how far his stock has fallen. We were once asking £40m as an asking price, I'd be surprised if anyone offered even half that amount for him now.
  14. I think Kepa will start the season as first choice. But first whiff of the dodgy form he showed last season and Mendy will be straight in the line up.
  15. At the rate we're signing players this summer I've just checked my voicemail to make sure Chelsea haven't made me a contract offer.
  16. I think we might player closer to a 4-2-3-1 this season so you'd have a similar midfield dynamic to Fabregas Matic we had in the 14/15 title winning season. Kovacic, Kante, Jorginho, Gilmour, Mount, RLC and maybe at a push Barkley (though I think he is going to leave) can all probably play in that midfield position so I don't see Ampadu getting minutes ahead of any of them personally.
  17. Starting to trickle through that the Havertz fee might in fact be €80m which will make him joint highest club record fee with Kepa. Initial fee in the region of £62m.
  18. Interesting that he wants to fight for a place in the squad this season. I can't see that he'd get much if any playing time in midfield because I just think there's already too many players for those positions but he's got to be in with a chance for getting minutes at CB. Silva is likely to play most games but the other spot is very much up for grabs and I'm not convinces any of the CBs from last season will nail the starting spot for themselves.
  19. I only pay attention to a select few journalists when it comes to Chelsea and it's mostly the ones who don't feel the need to constantly repeat themselves. End of the day, anything a journalist is told is more often than not leaked by club or agent anyway. If a club wants to do something on the quiet they will.
  20. This is what happens in the age of social media and 24 hour news cycles. I remember seeing George Weah to Chelsea as breaking news on Teletext. Nowadays there would be 2 months of rumour about will he, won't he and countless articles about rumoured loan fees, wages etc.
  21. We're guaranteed at least €130m from the sale. With Madrid winning the league we've already triggered one of the bonus payments as well. Over £100m for a player approaching 30 with 12 months left on their contract is good deal for us, especially when you look at how it's been reinvested.
  22. Ornstein confirming the deal will likely be confirmed within the next 24 hours, which makes sense following Germany's game last night. It's a shame there was an international window because I think it's held up this deal and gives Havertz little time to settle before the season starts so he's likely to be eased into the team instead.
  23. I think it'll be closer to a 4-2-3-1 this season. The two midfielders sitting a little deeper and taking turns to go forward with an attacking player sitting in just behind the centre forward. If the Brighton friendly was anything to go by the front 4 are going to be moving around a lot and not just sticking to one position. Ziyech was cutting in from the right to the centre, Werner drifting out to the wide left a lot, CHO cutting in from left to centre. I'm not sure the system will call for traditional wingers in truth. We've got CHO, Pulisic, Ziyech, Mount, Werner, RLC (lik
  24. What obsession would that be? Lampard's signing to date have been one each of a Croatian, Moroccan, German, French, Brazilian and English. If we complete the signing of Havertz he'll have signed more Germans than English players.
  25. 1. Which player were you desperate for us to sign, we didn’t for whatever reason and then was glad we didn’t after you saw him play elsewhere. Not sure I ever get desperate for a player to sign, if it happens it happens. I liked the idea of signing Balotelli a few years ago, I was convinced there was a good player in there if a manager could just get his head right. Ironically we signed Costa a couple of years later who is a similar sort of personality. Luke Shaw, I suppose. We'd gone through so many average left backs after Cole left and I thought allowing him to go to United was
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