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  1. It’s difficult to predict what may happen in football terms, but I’m sure when the new stadium is up and running, we’ll attract even more top players to the capital. I’m so chuffed this is happening, it was really disappointing not seeing the 1970’s model not come to fruition. The design is incredible, it’s more than a football ground. An iconic statement we can all be proud of. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more years yet.
  2. The papers, commentators say we were outplayed yesterday. if you have a game plan that works, stifles the other team, defend well and score goals, surely we've Outplayed' them? Well played Antonio.
  3. A brief view of Stamford Bridge at the beginning of this clip.
  4. So glad we're staying too. Seems like a lot of hard work has gone into this. feel quite proud.
  5. Chelsea caused 'A considerable hullabaloo!' Whatever next?
  6. A nod to the gates that have been used in the past.
  7. Think I went to the Harry Medhurst/Dickie Spence testimonial game against West Ham. Must of been 1976. Bit of an obscure one.
  8. I miss him badly. He will always be a star in my estimation. Mourinho was 'Our' manager, a perfect fit.
  9. It's beautiful! It's forward thinking, nothing else compares. The Emirates is just a boring arena but our new stadium is much more. I was dreading a boring bowl but this is top notch architechture in the heart of London and will be envied by many. Seems like a whole new experience on match days cafes, shopping etc. i can't wait, it won't come soon enough for me. Bit surprised its not being used for any other events, but that may change. Love it!
  10. Can't imagine any other player commanding 600 pages worth of interest but on it goes. Yes, shove it up Gerrard too!
  11. The fact that the club are looking at temporary venues may be a good thing. I'm wondering if they've been given encouraging news on the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge. To play 20-30 games elsewhere in London is nothing. People who question whether we can fill a large stadium may come in for a shock if tickets are made available on the day. That's another story, but it's getting interesting.
  12. Think someone mentioned the water table below Stamford Bridge had to be taken into consideration. The technology is out there to create something special. It seems the club have spent fortunes on surveys and specialist advice. I really hope there is a way to redevelop and it doesn't come down to politics.
  13. We would've been way ahead of everyone if that dream came true.
  14. I'm no economist, but I would of thought having stadium so close to the West End would attract concert promoters. Other sporting events, exhibitions etc. would increase revenue for the club, local shops as well as the council. Let's hope a sensible study is made and all avenues are explored. Arsenal overcame huge obstacles to build The Emirates, we don't want to lag behind.
  15. It would break my heart if we moved. I would certainly need to be convinced there's no possible way of redeveloping Stamford Bridge Grounds. What about an exit built over the railway into the cemetery? Guess that's more of a headache. Has the Earls Court situation any life in it?
  16. When Battersea was discussed there was talk of Chelsea FC contributing millions to the Northern line extension. I assume that new stadium would of run into hundreds of millions. I understand that the costs were partly covered by selling Stamford Bridge Grounds but surely the cost of redeveloping and spending money on emergency exits are viable?
  17. Let's hope there's some news on a new stadium or a Stamford Bridge redevelopment.
  18. What if he scores the winner at Anfield next month?
  19. A crying shame it never happened. Would've been well ahead of its time. I remember being well excited at the time. I'll dream on.
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