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  1. Dear Fernando, Please bang in four goals and knock the sh*t out that team I detest the most. It would make my life complete.
  2. No posts here for a couple of days. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. Hope our man is back soon.
  3. Seen these photos many times and the amount of kids is amazing. If we redevelop or have to move we MUST have something special in place ticket wise for kids who just want to turn up like we used to.
  4. 400 pages on Fernando! I would dearly love to know if he's read any of this.
  5. Went to both of those games. I think the one where Rangers turned up was one of those stupid early kick-off's they tried for a while. There were coach loads of them (I think they must of travelled all night, party hats & balloons everywhere). We got to the game late on our coach and parked in the home coach park. Coming out we were met by a few young chaps with blades whose only intention was to slice and run. One of the few times I was grateful to see the Old Bill.
  6. Will there be a prize for whoever posts the 1000th Torres thread?
  7. I hope we make it to 500 pages. God knows what'll happen if he goes on a scoring spree. Or not.
  8. I've been Chelsea mad since the late sixties and have not seen many of these pictures. Just want to say a big thank you. They're brilliant.
  9. Remember the Cardiff game well. Soaked to the skin in the open end, three nil down and not feeling too chuffed. Intimidating when we first got there but funny as hell watching the entertainment in the stands during the game. Getting back to three all was brilliant. Felt good to be part of it that day.
  10. If Liverpool have have expressed a desire to take him loan, he must be at a decent premiership level.
  11. I've heard Guilitt pronounce his own name with a 'G' It's all a bit confusing.
  12. I remember the game up at Newcastle when we were taken to some obscure station then having to cross the motorway on some unsafe looking bridge that swayed with the weight. We got marched through the town centre (Pint glasses being lobbed at us from both sides). I think it was 1-1 Speedie getting the equaliser, Keegan must of played in that game. It was great to be part of a rather large army that day, probably of been early 1984.
  13. Lampard has left a legacy now with his goal tally. Something to be proud of. When I see David Luiz as the kids ambassador it lifts me up. These things money can't buy. I sincerely hope the new players you mention have something to give back.
  14. I sometimes wonder where these players loyalty lies. Will we ever see a Frank Lampard again? If we start to integrate some of the loan players soon, I'll say "We'll done". There must be more to supporting a club than just thinking like a corporate business model.
  15. Can we trust them? We have so many players out on loan already. Are they just gathering dust or waiting for their value to go up an be sold/traded? Who knows?
  16. Well done Fernando. You worked hard and deserved it.
  17. It is so frustrating watching someone who passes the ball well, has great assists but who's control lets him down time after time. Fernando has scored some great goals too. I think he's such a good player at times but blows it too often. I wish I knew the answer. He can go along way to earn some respect on Wednesday.
  18. He's still playing his part in a winning team. Watched Sturridge yesterday and while he was up to his old tricks (Blasting the ball over the net, one footed & selfish) his new team gained another big point at home, again. Think I'll stick with Torres for now.
  19. His attitude has changed and your right it's been a positive impact. Can't help thinking he's trying to put himself in the shop window or he may even have been told he can go. Perhaps he's woken up to the fact he's a damn good footballer. I gave up on him a few weeks ago but still dream of him scoring the odd vital goal.
  20. Does anyone think he's got time to redeem himself? What if he scores the winner against Tottenham or United?
  21. I've never been so excited in years as when he signed. Everyone has bent over backwards to support him but he just doesn't look interested. In the grand scheme of things look at what we've won since he came, so not a complete waste of money. If only we could find someone who really appreciated this club.
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