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I have my doubts about him, but it would be silly to sack after just six months. Surely we don't want to go down the "Real Madrid" road and change the manager every six months or so. We don't have the pulling power of Real Madrid so pretty soon players and managers will start snubbing us when they see how unstable we will become. Some might say it's already happening already. We could do with a little patience right now. We might not win a trophy this season, but we would be back to square one if we sack Scolari now.

What we need is confidence and concentration. We're creating chances, but we're struggling to score. When the goals are not coming it will affect the players' confidence. We also need to remember that it's not over until the ref blows the final whistle. It's useless if you concentrate for 90 minutes and then just wait for the injury time to run out. The players need to concentrate on their game and fight until the final whistle.

I'm not convinced about Scolari's motivational skills(and surely the language barrier isn't helping), but the players need to accept some blame as well.

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