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Chelsea John

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How did drogba stay on the pitch for the full 90 mins, and once again joe cole is taken off. please jose, or somebody else come in and buy him in the next couple of weeks.

Thing is with Drogba, what do you recon he's actually worth?

his last decent form was a while ago now, he's disruptive, Injury prone and getting on a bit for a change of ways.

I would swap him for a player worth a third of what the club likely value him at.

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Drogba himself said he lost the fire for the game in the close season, then he got injured now he is a mere shadow of the 30+ goal DD who was a literal bogeyman.

he does not belong with us anymore, he was jose's man, and still is. the guys at the club must know that to get any price for him now would be a great deal. let him go ASAP, we need to get his replacement playing as quick as possible. i suggest gilardino as a quick-buy like for like.

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