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All the foul language in the Britannica encyclopaedia was in my mind when I saw 3-0. Since when have we lost so badly to Manure, yet against a team who is not firing on all cyclinder?

Yet, like Loz, I am allowing calmness to rule my logic. I am reformed! I will now allow logic to dictate my post since I had already said that Big Phil will get us out of every competition by Feb - including the Champion's league.

But our problems do not start with just sacking Phil, along with Deco & the sale of Ballack, Kalou, Malouda & Drogba.

We are an ageing team. Like Arsenal, we need to spend the next 2 years rebuilding. As such, let's give Di Santos, Mancienne & Sinclair a run for the money and stop sending them on loan deals.

Secondly, with our limited kitty, we should really look to buy promising, young talent. (which we are already trying to do). Best of all, develop the academy like West Ham so that we need not spend like crazy again. (which we are trying too).

In the long run, these are the best action to arrest a negative deficit.

I fear the worst for the financial resources of Roman. I really think that he is badly affected by the crisis, with the plummeting oil and gas prices. Russia's tirade with Ukraine is a disguise over the reluctance to sell gas at a negative operating profit. Many Russian business barons are also having to suffer financially to help Putin maintain his circle of influence. The billionaire can hardly be seen in our games regularly these days. Much of our buying were on loans from Roman that must be paid back eventually.

In the long run, I think we should start a campaign to buy back Chelsea for ourselves. A hundred quid per person may mean nothing, but 100 multiply by 300,000 of faithfuls is 30 mil quids. We may even need a little more (around 100 mil quid), but a Chelsea owned by an international "co-operatives" & run by professionals whose responsibility lie in reporting to the stakeholders, will be better in the long run.

So let's see some real change. A Roman-less, youthful and rejuvenated Chelsea with someone like Martin O'Neil in charge.

A Chelsea that may not win the Premiership for a while but with players who have the pride to kiss their club badge, like JT, Lamps, Joey & Carvalho. A Chelsea who will celebrate every game passionately, not necessarily with a win.

And hopefully, just maybe, we can get our beloved Mourinho to manage the club just once more.

Today, the brokeness in our hearts is evident. But look up... it can only get better from here because we have already hit the rut.

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