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Full backs - the problem going forward?


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Was just reading the 'Chelsea problem so obvious' article over at Setanta, and I think they may have a very good point.

For a Brazilian, Scolari seems to be oblivious to what defenders hate most...players getting in behind them...like Evra did so brilliantly for United's second goal.

At one point at Old Trafford on Sunday, Evra was down injured – handing Bosingwa the freedom of the right flank, yet he still chose to ignore the byline - crossing early for Vidic to head clear. Chelsea’s best days came when Mourinho had Damien Duff and Arjen Robben raiding down the flanks - turning defenders on their haunches and taking them outside their comfort zone.

The Blues don’t have such classy widemen nowadays (Florent Malouda makes Kevin Kilbane look dangerous), so it’s up to the full backs. They did it at the start of the season, against Portsmouth and Middlesbrough... it’s time somebody reminded Scolari...before his time runs out.

Of course the lack of classy widemen is a problem, but there's not a lot we can do about that right now, however, Bosingwa and Ashley Cole have changed their game a lot recently (fwiw I think Ash has been fantastic defensively, easily one of our best and most consistent performers this season, Bosingwa has been absolutely ****ing awful the past 2 months or so) and they're not anywhere near as threatening as they once were in the opening few matches.

So, are the players to blame for not playing a certain way, or is it something Scolari has told them to do, and it's really not working out? (much like the whole no defender at the back post thing eh...)

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I think it has been fairly obvious that this has been our problem for some months now. At the start of the season our fullbacks were getting to the by-line but teams have sussed us and have stopped us going there forceing us to play down the middle which is very difficult to do as we generally come up against packed defences.

We don't have a natural pacey wide man and although when malouda plays it does give us more of an option he is also being forced to come inside alot.

Yesterdays game showed that the ball played in with pace from wide positions is the most difficult to defend having the 3 goals against coming from there.

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