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Good quote about Chelsea and us fans....from 1964


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''Chelsea's play is intensely aggravating, by turns appallingly bad and supremely skillful. They always play like this. Chelsea supporters are men of a special cast of mind, and widely cosmopolitan: all they have in common is this need to become emotionally involved with a team who can play as well as any and worse than any. Whoever manages the team, whoever plays in the team, the tradition is the same, is perpetuated.'

- BS Johnson, who committed suicide just 9 years later, aged 40

Found on the Guardian website (thanks to PW75 for unearthing it). So accurate it's uncanny.

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To quote my old man over the past 35 years, who still moans about when Docherty sent players (can't remember who) home for going out and breaking a curfew, costing us a match, and inturn the league.

''Chelsea always shoot themselves in the foot''

''Just when you think everything's going fine, we f*ck it up ourselves''

''They build your hope's up and kick you in the teeth''

''Don't worry, we'll f*ck it up somehow, we always do''

and the one used for just over the past year and again this morning .......'We should have never sacked Mourhino''

Ironically he is of 'a special cast of mind, and widely cosmopolitan.'

and yeah.....he still goes every week :)

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