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Real Madrid are believed to be ready to let Argentina international striker Javier Saviola leave the Bernabeu in the winter transfer window.

Saviola has struggled to make an impact with Real following his arrival from bitter rivals Barcelona in the summer of 2007.

Premier League trio Everton, Portsmouth and Newcastle are all reported to have made tentative enquiries over securing his services, although no formal bids have been received.

The former River Plate ace, who spent spells on loan with Monaco and Sevilla during the closing stages of his Barca career, is not in the plans of new Real boss Juande Romas.

Sporting director Predrag Mijatovic has been handed the task of securing an exit for Saviola, who is under contract with the La Liga giants until 2011.

A club source admitted: "We are open to some lines but the time is key in this subject."

Although Real appear ready to let the player nicknamed 'The Little Rabbit' leave, Saviola refuses to accept that the curtain has been brought down on his career in the Spanish capital.

He said: "I want to stay with Real and fight for an opportunity. I will only consider leaving if I receive an offer of a big project."

P.S. How about a loan till the end of the season ? Good little player he is.

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Hell yes. I would be all over that in a second. Like Owen, but less injury prone and faster.

I know he struggles to find form, but jesus, who doesnt on our team? And on top of that, he is still pretty young. We could do far far worse, and could probably get him for next to nothing.

I would be very happy if we got him. Hasn't really been given the chances he deserved at Madrid or even Barca and i'm sure he could show the potential he showed a few years ago.

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A loan would be perfect. One question though, is he cup tied?

A loan deal would be more than enough on Saviola. I wouldn't buy a player who just doesn't seem to fit anywhere. He is little bit like Joey in terms of 'being a huge prosect and neve quite seem to live up to that'. Although Joey is more successful in that department.

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A quick tricky player who doesn't have an attitude problem and isn't made of glass...what's the problem?

I agree. I dont really see the problem. Like jack says, the guy is itching to prove himself to someone. We might as well take a flier on him, and we can sell him on or let the loan expire if it doesnt work

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if drogba is prepared to co-operate i don't see y we need another stiker. we already have drogba anelka kalou and di santo and into the bargain we're top scorers in the league. I wouldn't mind a winger in the same position as saviola whose available for loan and has a point to prove.

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Pompey have pulled out of a move for him as they want players who are prepared to roll ip their sleeves and try and stave off relegation.

I knew we werent getting him, but christ that is depressing.

I just want some kind of reinforcements. Or start playing the capable kids. Anything to break up this 11+Deco+Belletti+Paulo rotation we have

I have nothing against Pompey, but I would like to see Tony Adams suffer. I dont really see him making it until may the way things are going.

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Pompey have pulled out of a move for him as they want players who are prepared to roll ip their sleeves and try and stave off relegation.

to be fair, the fact that saviola wears short sleeves is a rubbish excuse.

on the plus side, they've signed hayden mullins. and kevin nolan seems like he's off to noocassle. is there some sort of game on to see who can make the worst january signing? and has anyone signed nigel "four relegations and a promotion"* quashie yet?

*that joke didn't really work. I blame the syllables. always the syllables.

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