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wots wit all this booooooooooin

tea bar boys

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There was a bit of booing half time where we were in the Shed upper. Some morons - some not but just venting their frustration.

The only booing I did agree with was a bloke in front of us booing Neil Barnett. That bloke epitomizes all that is wrong with us as a club at the moment. The fact we apparantly need this idiot to try and get some atmosphere going. It's just f**king embarrassing - especially when he tries to be funny or does the Solomon..................................

and the sheep come back with Kalouuuuu


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Agree Nibs, the guy is SO f**king embarrassing.

'East stand make some noise" etc kills me so much that I normally go for a p*ss when he does it, otherwise I think I would just cringe into a black hole.

Agree Tim - it is truely terrible. But not as bad as the sing with the sponser b*llocks from a few years ago - that was truely cringeworthy.

Also I can't stand it when they put a record on straight after the game. Lamps made his 400th appearance for the club last week and scored a last minute winner, in one of those roof lifting moments, and after the game the ground should have echoed 'Super Frank' instead they drowned us out with a madness record.

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yes, the samsung sing when your winning competition will never leave me.

I also dislike getting that guy out for the "big" games to sign "blue is the colour", now known as "the anthem" apparently, in a ridiculous operatic fashion which not only is cringeworthy, but comical as the mic cuts out every 7th word.

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Bluenut, G4 - couldnt agree more - I have to get to my seat as late as possible and go downstairs (and buy nothing) at half time, just to avoid all that crap.

Just shows how out of touch the Club is - West Ham got it right with the Hammerettes!!!!

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