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Just posted this on the new manager topic, but it will do for starters here....

First and foremost, on the question of a new manager, Hiddink would have got my vote, but I don’t think he wants the job and passion for it is an essential. Next would have been Lippi, but he doesn’t want it either, so see above. Third in line would be someone with similar credentials to the other two, crucially in club football as it is probably in that narrower sphere that we missed a trick with Scolari, or chose to ignore it due to the high profile of the man. Looking at the list on offer again, there isn’t stand out third choice, so under the heading of ’others’ I’ve gone for Mourinho, though I haven’t got a clue if he would want to return given both past and present circumstances. A consultancy role with Franco and Steve Clarke as coach and assistant respectively would be a dream ticket, but Jose wouldn’t buy into that without a list of conditions as long as your arm and far more control than he had last time around. That isnt going to happen, but, nevertheless, he got my vote.

Turning to our current coach and how his performance [so far] affects the situation, I’ve been prepared to give him time on the tactical front, but, when you start talking about his fourth or fifth game in which there is proof positive of errors ranging from team selections right through to substitutions, well let’s just say how much wider do the cracks need to get before we are looking through the holes at UEFA Cup football and beyond?

Okay, it’s all just a matter of opinion, but I recall recently being told by the man himself that he was a coach noted for bringing the younger players through the system. Current opinion has it that players such as Di Santo, Mancienne and Stoch should be given a run in the first team, yet Scolari continues to paint himself into corners during the course of games from which he can never feel confident enough to bring these players on - so much so that we’ve reached the stage now where you soon wont be able to call them youngsters anymore. And blaming those players in possession of starting places for their poor performances is one thing, but we have seen enough of them of late to warrant the coach making wholesale changes in individual games, if not actually starting with some new blood, yet it never happens.

Frustration with Scolari has reached boiling point with many fans because there are no visible signs of change and, week in week out, we are seeing the erosion of confidence and team spirit before our very eyes. We’ve now reached the stage where JT apologises on behalf of the players for their inadequacies, but there is little indication from the management that they intend altering things that much, if at all and puffing out one’s cheeks in mock acquiescence doesn’t really do it for me anymore. If you disagree, tell me where you see the signs of change because I could do with cheering up and if I’ve missed something out there on the field that smacks of innovation, revelation or creation I really would like to be reminded of it.

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Hardly a surprise as I think the writings been on the wall ever since the humilation at Old Trafford, and I think the board are seriously concerned that had Scolari remained we may well have missed out on the Champions League next season. I just hope we've got somebody lined up to take over. Ruud's available. ::clap2::

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I am happy to see him go. I thought he would do well but he has been disapointing. I also think that Grant should have never been sacked.

Unbelievable....but he ho Grants on the shortlist

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Like the new design guys by the way.

Well there is nothing like a sudden sacking that brings me back.

Just heard it on the radio and thought "didn't see that one coming!".

No I really didn't.

Yes I knew that all was not rosy but I thought that they would at least give him until the end of the summer and then decide.

But no, Ray Wilkins is in charge.


What's the betting then that Avram may be coming back?

Don't laugh or you'll start crying now!

What interests me is if Scolari decided to just walk out or whether he was pushed.

Chelsea are starting to get into a nasty habit of becoming more like Real Madrid with every passing season, sacking managers mid season, end of season, beginning of season, frankly any time.

I note in the statement, Chelsea said he was sacked because "results were not good enough".

Didn't Jose get the push because the style of football wasn't good enough?

Bet Mourinho and Grant are both chuckling, clutching their pay offs to their chests.


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I'll admit I'm in two minds about this.

On the one hand he seemed like a nice guy, with a lot pedigree and an impressive CV so I'll be sort of sad to see him go. Then there's also the fact that we're midway through a season without a manager, which seems a little silly to me. I'm hoping Wilkins doesn't take over temporarily as I think he's been a bit part of the problem.

On the other hand, it's a huge relief. We desperately needed to do this, and I think in the long run it's the right thing to do. People had lost faith in him, including the players it seems, so we can at the very least look forward to the future, and be grateful that the board recognised it wasn't working out and took action before letting us drop even further.

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Are we now in the hand of Ray wilkinson

....................with his sword????

or will we be buying players from his Dad's chain of reasonably priced supermarkets?

But seriously, most of you buggers must be over the moon with this news. I just hope it don't come round and bite us on the ass!

Realistically, what manager of the calibre that my Chelsea demands and deserves will even think about coming to SW6 the way things are at the moment?

I'm gutted, not specifically because Big Phil has got his P45, but because my club is being made a laughing-stock. I've already received three emails and two phone calls from Dipper fans at work ::clap2::::clap2::

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Deary me.

I think this is right though. We were heading for the UEFA Cup, maybe just maybe this might give us fresh impotus again before it was too late.

We are a circus.

So we sack someone and give the new bloke no chnace to bring some fresh faces in until the end of the season ?

What a mess !!

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Hallellujah - feel sorry for the bloke as I think he was totally out of his depth. But now what - we went through all this last year. The problem is still the same - which manager could live up to Jose in the short term? Or get a young and therefore inexperienced management team for the long haul, bring some youngsters through etc. And why did the Board agree to bring in Quaresma when the writing was on the wall for Scolari (I assumed he came partly due to Portugese connections).

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