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Blackburn or Coventry


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Full draw is

Blackburn Rovers or Coventry City v Chelsea

Swansea City or Fulham v Manchester United

Cardiff City/Arsenal/Burnley v Sheffield United or Hull City

Everton v West Ham United or Middlesbrough

You would be forgiven for suspecting there was different shape balls in the bag!

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It is convenient how Man U, Arsenal, Everton, and us were kept separated...

Actually thought that too , lets make the FA cup more interesting than last year eh ?

Im focusing on the FA Cup this year , the draw is nice although Blackburn away could be dodgy .

Prefer Coventry.

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Good draw for us, it has to be said. Obviously, Coventry would be better, but we shouldn't have many problems in either case.

United got an easy draw as well. Swansea or Fulham for them.

Well, it is an away draw, Fulham have one of the best home forms in the league and Swansea are flying high this season...I don't think it'll be as easy as everyone thinks...

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Oi Oi Geezer. :D

Praying it will be Cov v CHELSEA.

Your tourist guide Mick will help you with information on directions,free parking,friendly watering holes.

All for a small fee off course. :P

f**k me look who it is. Have they let you out on parole? :D

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I am rather pleased that we got Coventry City in the quarter final of the FA Cup this season. Had it been Blackburn that won on Tuesday I would not have been confident of Chelsea making it through. An explanation being that we have been on a good run at Eawood Park in recent seasons. I expect Coventry away to be a tough game for the club, but one that hopefully Chelsea will get through.

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managed to secure a ticket,if you are a cov fan inthis city,tickets are like the proverbial "Hens Teeth"we will need to play well because coventry are on a good run,and it takes a teamlike chelsea to help sell out the Ricoh.

i dont think cov have ever sold out the richo have they ? i know the englands u21s and so did bon jovi but i cannot remember cov ever doing it. funnily enough im there again in a few months to see oasis play! im actually getting the bu there from leam in the morning!!!!

the most souless footballing experience of my life was at the ricoh. i saw palace beat cov 4-1 there a few years back in front of about 10,000 people. it was a joke, more than half empty.

cov are on a good run but that shouldnt worry us. last year in the quarters we played barnsley and they whad been on a shocking run and look what happened.

there will be a great atmosphere there but that should work in our favor. hopefully some of the players will be overawed at playing in front of a big crowd for once!

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