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Valencia confirm summer exodus is on the cards


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Valencia firesale

Villa is the cream of the crop but he's already 27 going on 28 and said on numerous occasions he prefers to stay in Spain. Like him a lot but he's a long shot.

David Silva is the kind of player we should be going after: fast,tricky winger and he's only 23.

i agree, id love to see silva here, hes exactly what we need. villa would be a great signing but if he truly becomes available then there will be a bidding war between pretty much every top team in europe.

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Considering this is a financial issue, I don't believe Villa will have much to say on his destination and will be given to the club who offers the more money. In this case, I believe Man. City at this time has a better bet over us to spend on a single player, Silva would be a better option for us anyway, as much as we need strikers, we also need good wingers and we see how much we are missing J.Cole when we can't beat low side opposition, we have no spark wathsoever.

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Man City are a good, if obvious, shout. What are the odds of them offering a fat package for Villa, Silva and Joaquin? If you really want to make a splash, and they were gonna fork over 108 on Kaka, what about 120 for the three of them? If youre Man City you gain some credibility, as well as an instantly better team, as well as three players who avoid the stigma of having massive numbers of them as individiuals. Could massively improve their team, too. Maybe they could send back Elano or Jo in return. Surely if the money is good enough, Valencia couldnt say no






Ahh the days of disgustingly opulent fantasy football.

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I would like Villa and Silva, but either of them will do just fine.

I hope Valencia, as a club, will be okay. I heard part of the problem is they have started to pay for their new stadium while they havent sold the land the Mestalla sits on. Can anyone confirm that?

I believe it is a combination of debt owed to construction companies as well as compounding debt to players who have gone unpaid for months.

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SSN now running a story that City and Valencia are in talks over Villa, but that things have broken down over the asking price.

I feel like this transfer is cast iron to happen. City have the money and the ambition, and Valencia obviously need to sell and probably want to sell to the highest bidder. City should ask what Barca are going to offer and just double it. Paying over the odds isnt good for every middling squad player, but this is a one off that will be worth every penny. It will definitely send the right signal that they mean business and make other clubs take notice. And Im sure Villa wouldnt mind playing in what is now clearly the best league in the world.

Im slowly coming to terms with the fact that we will never see David Villa wear the number 7 at this club.

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I'm sure enough money would make him move to the warm climes of Manchester for a season or two!

Anyway, what ever happened to Joaquin? He was being touted as the player we all wanted on our wings, but talks of him have quietened down, and I've not seen him play that much whenever I've caught Valencia on TV.

Silva would be a great shout, and we are always talking of needing a winger, so it'd be worthy of looking at him at least


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