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Is Kenyon looking for a pay off?


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It would appear Peter Kenyon has raised his shiny temple this week to again voiuce his disapproval to the way Chelsea keep sacking managers claiming Scolari was sacked way too soon.

Whereas I agree we have become a circus in terms of creating a manager merry-go-round I didn't hear PK being quite so vocal when Claudio, Jose and Avram got their marching orders which strongly suggests to me LFS was PK's man.

You're being quite outspoken about the decision to remove LFS Mr Kenyon, something for which people in lesser positions have been punished to the extent of losing their job. If you don't like it then why don't you go? Silly me, you won't go unless there's a big pay day in it will you so you're looking foir the push methinks and more than that I can see Guus taking your place in time.

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Interesting hypothesis Geezer. I am sure we all can agree that Kenyon has no-one's interests at heart other than those of his own. As you say, he wasn't very vocal about other managers being shown the door (I remember him smarming to the press about Claudio, and how safe he was to then be showing him the door about a week later.), so why is he getting so vociferous about this one now?

Is he on some type of contract? The reason I ask, if he is on a contract similar to that of a manager, and he has little time left on it. Then, if negotiations have broken down for his own contract, then maybe he wants to be shown the door so he can get a pay-off now, and head into a new job (at Citeh) with a nice little golden parachute from Chelsea.


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