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MOTM vs Arsenal (FA Semi)


Who was your MOTM vs Arsenal?  

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  1. 1. Who was your MOTM vs Arsenal?

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Terry
    • Alex
    • Ivanovic
    • Essien
    • Ballack
    • Lampard
    • Drogba
    • Malouda
    • Anelka
    • Kalou

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Guest bigjockknew

I'll have to take your words for it as I didn't realise it was on antifootball tv. On hearing what you say it would probably be Maloouda just for the improvement - we should be getting top drawer world class performances from JT, Lamps Drogba and Cech because thats what they are but if Maloouda is putting the effort into what you are describing as MOTM then its his for me.

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Malouda all day!

Like my post in the Liverpool game MOM re Drogba, I wonder how many season long Malouda slaters tick his name on here today. Just a thought.

Come on Mod, he's been slated because he's been awful but recently his performances have improved a lot so people vote for him, thats what happens. You're bad, you get slated, you're good, you're either ignored or praised.

Same goes for Cech.

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Voted for Drogs but Lampard was great with his two assists. Malouda showed some spirit. Never seen him have an angry face before, have you? He showed guts and spirit and scored in a big game. Still not sad to see him leave though..if its in the cards.

Essien made some very important tackles and they totally took away Arse's pace and spirit. Great game from him as well.

Cech is still very shaky and that scrappy goal didnt help him. He needs to make some world class saves in the next one.

Again Drogs scored in the end of an important game against Arsenal. 9 games against them and 8 goals for Didier, tells it all. They must hate him there as well. Scum fans hate him, Arsenal fans hate him and even we hate him most of the time, brilliant! He just steps up when we need him.

This win means Hiddink will be staying with us until 30 of may. Mr.Semifinal stepped up to being Mr.Final this time. STAY WITH US GUUS!

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Eeer, anyone from JT, Frank and Florent, so just for a change, i'll go for the latter.

He really was very good today.

Watching the highlights now and special mention also to Alex who, along with JT, kept Adebayor so so quiet. We are very lucky to have such a solid Riccy substitute, who gets the job done, no complaining, no fuss.

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unquestionably lampard. tackled brilliantly, passed very well.

drogba second, a fairly quiet first half but then dominated the arsenal back line.

good games also from malouda, jt, alex, ashley and ballack.

anelka my only real negative, but I recognise it's not his ideal position.

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I though Anelka did very well in the first half - he was very much our first line of defence and the pressure he was putting on them was the main reason the Arsenal back line looked jittery. Once Hiddink pushed Essien forward and dropped Ballack back it was Essien who was ensuring we defended with a very high line and Anelka's involvement in the game drifted a bit.

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