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Spot the Ball 3 Results and Spot the Ball 4 Picture


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STB3 was a bloody tough one (at least I thought it was) - given that Kezman was in the picture I think it was safe to say the ball wasn't in the back of the net however we were savvy to that and didn't put a goal in the picture!

Below are the two pictures together.


So you can see that grid reference F2 was the one awarded the 5 points with the ones surrounding it awarded 1 point.

MHedges and Sweetwaffle guessed F2 and get the 5 points - other than nobody scored this week with nobody else even guessing one of the peripheral squares.

So the current league table is as follows


Now to STB4

This week there is one grid reference that will be awarded 5 points, none awarded 3 points and a number of them awarded 1.

As always just post your answers on this thread.

Anyone who hasn't entered before feel free to join in now.


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