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Paul Parker at it again


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Bitter little ex manure, fulham and chelsea (for 4 totally forgettable games) paul parker has again had a go at us. apparently kaka going to madrid has shown us up. even though we never actually bid for him or were really interested, it shows were not a big club. oh and this is the best bit for me

I think most players would rather sign for Liverpool than Chelsea, even though they have not won the league for 19 years.


heres the article, what a massive f**knut. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/pau...op-comments-nav

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what a joke. We were barely involved in this saga. I love how these twats invent details about things they have no clue on, and then make conclusions based on these inventions

if us being in the conversation made madrid pay even a fraction more, I am more than happy to let them slag us off. There are players we need/want far more than Kaka, and im sure anyone who knows anything about football can come to that conclusion, or in this case get a job at Eurosport

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Well most things on Eurosport.com are rubbish so this doesn't surprise me. I've seen a few articles by this little w**ker and although I have never read them through completely I would say that 90% of what he write is complete bollocks.

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Heard Parker a few times on radio, tries very hard to be an intelligent critic but usually ends up at the end of a debate he cant finish.

He was on Today FM [Dublin] and he was tortured by 2 journalists who challenged his opinion on Hiddink , just after he was appointed. He's not been back on . :)

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