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AID's In The Premiership

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Six soccer stars were last night facing an agonising wait for the results of HIV tests.

The shocked Premier League players have all slept with the same female soccer groupie.

They had tests for HIV - the virus that causes AIDS - after the girl told them she had found out she was infected. She has no idea whether she contracted the disease before or after she slept with them all.

The stars, who play for three different clubs, cannot be named for legal reasons.

But a source said: "All of them are beside themselves with worry. They are all only too aware of the scandal it will cause.

"None of them have let their families know yet because they don't want to worry them.

"It's like a ticking timebomb for them all and would almost certainly end their careers if they have contracted it."

The AIDS scare is the biggest sex scandal to hit the Premier League since the "roasting" rape allegations six years ago.

The infected girl met the stars through her ex-boyfriend who moves in footballing circles.

When she and the boyfriend split up she slept with the players over several months, many of them more than once. It is believed she got back together with her boyfriend and then discovered he was HIV positive.

The girl had a test and was devastated last month to discover SHE was also HIV positive. The girl then immediately told all her sexual partners including the six players. Our source added: "The woman had no idea she was infected while she was sleeping with these guys.

"She now has to deal with the reality she may have infected other people. She is absolutely distraught, virtually suicidal."

Hiv attacks the body's immune system but can be kept under control with drugs.


First Hartson and now this.... :(

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What a nightmare for those people having to sit around and wait. I also hope that the football players have not passed it on to new girlfriends or significant others since


I also hope that they didn't have a girlfriend or significant other when they had intercourse with the girl :P

I really hope that they get positive news that the tests are negative (I found that very confusing) and that nobody else has been infected.

If they do have it then at least there's medicines nowadays that are very good. Being HIV positive used to be almost like a death sentence, but today you can actually live with it and not be bothered too much. Who knows, one of these days we might even get a cure for it.

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