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hah, that was good. Even when its put humorously, I am glad I never had to survive the terraces. I dont think I wouldve made it ::clap2::

You'd have been ok. Back when every club had it's terraces, it was just the way things were. Nobody had really considered the possibility of all-seater stadiums. We all know why that changed, personally I think it was a mistake. Not only can an all seater stadium massively dampen the atmosphere inside the ground, but it can surely be more dangerous for people to stand in seating areas.

Bloody hell, I haven't seen that since it was first broadcast, great stuff :D

I've recently got hold of a copy of the entire series of Rutland Weekend. Unless I'm mistaken, there were only 14 episodes made, spread over two series and a Xmas Special. And it's brilliant stuff. Like yourself, I hadn't seen it since it was first broadcast.

Wanted next: Spike Milligan's Q series' ...

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