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Title Race 2010

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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How do you think this season will shape up?

I think it'll be a low points score which will take the league this year. Teams like sunderland, everton and spuds will all be stronger and harder to beat

also what's your prediction for the top 6/7 and bottom 3?

1. Chelsea

2. Man City

3. Man Utd

4. Arsenal

5. Liverpool

6. Everton

7. Villa

8. Sunderland

18. Burnley

19. Stoke

20. Hull

I think we'll win the league. We have a strong 1st team squad and seem to be playing decent stuff pre-season. I believe with all the activity surrounding our fringe strikers at the minute, a big signing could be on his way. And if Aguero does come, we'll be a cert thing

I'm sure many people are writing citeh off but there's no denying they have a very impressive first 11. A couple of defensive additions and all that is left is to play together. If they can they will be hard to stop

Utd haven't impressed me in pre-season. The football they are playing is poor. Berbatov was incredible against some of the weak opposition but whether he can do it for them week in week out is questionable. Ferguson is talking about changing tactics and everytime I see Rooney on the pitch, he spends more time in his own half than the opposition. But they do have some great players. I think Anderson is in for a great year and Nani can come to the fore. He's a player who has bags of ability but much like Ronaldo when he first came, was very cocky. He's been doing a lot of hard work (tracking back and the like) pre-season and if he gets a run of games, i'm certain he can be as good as Ronaldo. The rest of the team aren't great in my opinion. Scholes is so far past it, it's unreal. Giggs too. Valencia is a decent player but far from a world beater. VDS is dodgy as hell but the rest of their defence is solid. Looks like they aren't going to spend anymore money and if they don't, they will struggle imo.

Getting rid of Adebayor might not be the worst thing for Arsenal. It gets rid of the temptation for them just to hoof the ball up to him. When they play it about the ground they are very hard to live with. With Arshavin starting to settle and Wilshire looking like a God, they could potentially tear anyone apart. Fabregas back fit and Eduardo being one of the most naturally gifted finishers in the world, they could have a good season. I wouldn't write them off to soon. Give Wilshire a couple of years and this guy will be the best, so similar to Iniseta

As for Liverpool, I just don't like them. If Torres or Gerrard get injured, they're fooked

The players which I think will have a big say on the title this year are:






If all those players have good seasons, it will be a very intersting title race

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Honestly I don't think City is going to find that much needed consistency to be that high in the table. They will be a very tough opponent against the current top 4 but against sides who fight for their lives City is going to lose a lot of points. They have a good shot winning one of the cups but that is it.

I think Chelsea, Manu and Scum are as close as they can be. It will be down to the crucial games against each other that makes the difference. I think we can be least worried if one of our big players get injured as our squad has most depth IMO. If Scum lose Torres or C*nt-Stevie they will be in world of trouble same goes with ManU and Ferdinand/Vidic. ManU has lost most before the season as their clearly best player is in Real now but I just can't write of SAF.

I think Ars*nal and City will be close and fight for places 4-7.

If we can land a player like Aguero and he succeeds we are the strongest contenders for the title. I still think ManU will make a big buy. There were stories of David Silva going to old trafford...

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I'm really not sure who will win this year. Man Utd lost their best player, and another very valuable one, I'm not sure whether Liverpool are coming or going and we have a new manager and new tactics.

Man City and Villa will just about get in the top six if they're lucky, but I think Everton will be Arsenal or Liverpool's main rivals for 4th.

Pompey aren't looking in any fit shape, so they might be worth a cheeky pop for relegation.

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I think we have excellent prospects for winning the thing this year.

United have sold their best player (and we have seen how much they can miss him - check their early results last year when he was recovering from an operation), they have also failed to keep Tevez, IMO an integral part of their attacking line and replaced him with a 30-year old has-been. Unless one of the young players steps up big time, and that's BIG in capital letters, I can't see them maintaining a serious trophy challenge. For one, there has to be someone who can pull them out of the difficult matches and right now they seem to have only Rooney to do it (and maybe Berbatov, but not on his last season form).

The Scum have just sold their third most important player in Alonso. Any replacement, knowing Rafa's ambiguous transfer record, may turn out a flop, and at any rate will take time to settle and get to know the team inside out to do the job Alonso did. Moreover, the only reason they were able to maintain a title challenge last season was because 1) They had an enormous amount of luck with late goals (I counted 9 Prem games in which a late goal(s) gave them more points; in 8 cases those were 2 or 3 more points that without those goals.) 2) They were able to beat Manure two times, which I can't see happening the upcoming season. You only need to go back one season to see how Ferguson had them by their balls wherever he met them.

Arsenal are spineless and lack squad depth and City don't have the team chemistry, to borrow the FIFA term, to be a serious title contender.

Villa, Tottenham and Everton will be there for the other spots, but they have never aspired to be Champions.

I think we will win it, but I also think it will be more of a "by default" win. Unless Ancelotti screws up big time, Scolari-style and if he manages to win a decent amount of the top four games, I don't think any of our opponents will have a shot at it.

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I cant see liverpool being knocked out by city to be honest and i think that the only way city will get into the top four is if wenger does not strenghten his lineup cos arsenal looks like crap at the moment. I would write off man u but everytime i do that they seem to win the title so i think its going to be a 3 horse race with us man u and liverpool.

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Most of last season's contenders seem weaker than they were a year ago. Arsenal will have arshavin for the full season. Berbatov may be stronger with a season at Manu under his belt and his place seemingly more assured. Liverpool will be weaker, although they may have missed Mascherano more than they will miss Alonso.

What's difficult to tell is which of last season's young players will rise to fore.

We have lost noone of substance in the offseason, although J Cole must have a major fitness issue, and have added a little to the left. This season Essien and Drogs should be fit from the start but on the other hand we seem to have Lampard out of position.

Citeh are clearly a lot stronger, adebayor and tevez are a force, together with our discards, SWP, Bridgey and Ireland, but what will their defence be like? Top 4 is not beyond them but neither is it certain.

At the bookies. Manu 15/8, us 11/5 Liverpuddle 11/4 arse 15/2 citeh 14/1 so not much in it. We are basically joint favourites.

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The Premier League have already announced on their web site that Wigan Portsmouth and Hull have volunteered to be relegated this season so any points or goals scored against these teams won't count, but any goals they score against teams will count double.

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a LOT of confidence being shown here, which is fair enough, but I will remain a touch more cautious.

ManU always challenge, no matter what their squad looks like, and I can't see them just rolling over after 3 titles on the bounce.

L*verpool are weaker, no doubt, but who knows who they will sign in the next few weeks, and if they continue to get the luck that seems to come their way, they will still be a threat.

Arsenal...well, in all honesty i can't see them challenging, but along with Villa, Everton, City, and a few others I do think that the title contenders will lose a lot more points to the other teams this season, so they can still be relied on to spring a few impressive results. Let's just hope they're not against Chels.

As for us, yes, I think we do have a great chance, but a lot will depend on us both mastering the diamond formation asap, and having the flexibility to switch to that hallowed 'Plan B' when things aren't quite working. We know we have the players for a 4-3-3 (Plan :) and can play it well, so assuming that we can get to grips with our new formation, it bodes well for us being increasingly adaptable, and therefore unpredicatable, this season.

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I dont know why, but i cant see us winning it. I think it's going to take a least a season before Carlo gets the hang of it, and by that time, let's hope we are not looking for a new manager.

I think it may be another 3rd place for us. Bettered by United and Liverfool.

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I cant see liverpool finishing ahead of us. They were very lucky to do so last year with the amount of points that they won from goals right at the death. Also they had an exceptionally high amount of points won against us man u and arsenal and they wont be able to replicate that this year. I still think they will be in 'the race' so to speak but never as a serious contender. I think the worse that we will come this year will be 2nd place. The reason that i am so confident is because of the stability our team has, we have lost no key players. If you look at the other contenders; arsenal have lost ade and toure, Liverpool have lost alonso and man u have lost ronaldo and tevez. All of these players are key losses and it looks like none of them will be adequately replaced.

Im not basing any of my opinions in the title race on pre season form because as we learnt last year it means absolutely nothing.

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I dont know why, but i cant see us winning it. I think it's going to take a least a season before Carlo gets the hang of it, and by that time, let's hope we are not looking for a new manager.

I think it may be another 3rd place for us. Bettered by United and Liverfool.

based on what exactly? bear in mind we have kept our squad when the others have lost their best players, we have made good signings so far when the others havent. therefore were stronger when they are weaker.

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We have got to win it this season. We are the only top side who hasnt lost key players, instead we have added vital players.

Man City's players will need to time to gel so that will go against them. The only disadvantage we have is a new manager and new system to adjust to.

Has to be our year this year.

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1. Chelsea (if the players can settle into carlo's systems quickly)

2. Liverpool (manager stability, made a couple of decent additions)

3. Mancs (lost tevez and ronaldo, and replaced with bargain-bin equivalents)

4. Arsenal (arshavin)

5. Citeh (money money money)

6. Spurs ('arry)

7. Everton (Moyes, but -Lescott)

8. Villa (MON hasn't replaced Barry adequately)

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I think we have a good chance this year depending on how CA settle's in, but GH showed that top managers dont need to much time and we have a settled squad who are used to each other. I agree our main contenders are weaker while we have added to our squad, plus having Drogba and Essien fit for the whole season will be a massive boost. Even JC and RC missed most of last season and are still big players for us.

Still hopefull of another player to add some spark in the final third and if we get that player i think we'd be clear favourites.

The teams that have come up will struggle along with pompey.

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