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Bruce Buck radio interview

High Street Ken

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Apparently Buck is a guest on TalkSport today from 9am onwards.


Unfortunatley Micky Quinn is the host. Possibly the most Liverpool-biased, annoying and thick Scouse tw*t in the whole media world!

buck did well, he came across as a thoroughly likeable chap and answered the questions well. also made quinn sound like the dumb twat he ist a few times.

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Buck is so much more media-friendly than Kenyon. If we trotted him out to face journalists more often, we'd probably have a far better image.

For a supposed PR & marketing guru, Kenyon is an unmitigated disaster. He should remain behind the scenes, figuring out how to sell shirts to China and India.

It was good to hear the story repeated about how his sons were Liverpool fans in the late 80s but Anfield was too far to travel, so he took them to The Bridge and the rest is history! :-)

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Did he talk of transfers by any chance?

a bit. he said the policy was to buy using club funding, from transfers out, merchandising etc. but if they felt a player was worth buying then roman would back them financially. basically if a players worth buying, roman will buy him.

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I only caught the last 15 minutes of the interview and in that time he paid due respect to Jose but made it clear that Jose would never be our manager again (at least not whilst Roman was in charge) and also made it clear that Roman was very actively involved in the decision to appoint Ancelotti but ridiculed the idea that he meddles in decisions about player transfers.

He also poked fun at the English media for the same reasons we all do. He stated that there are probably 25 world class players in the world and, at one stage or another, the papers link us with every one of them and so when we do sign one they can claim 'As exclusively revealed...'

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