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Umimaginative Player songs


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I am a season ticket holder at the bridge and am getting very bored of the same old tunes being recycled for new players !!!!!

On this note I composed a song for Ashley Cole after his goal on Sat. Needs work!!!!

Sung the the chorus tune of "Promise you made" by Girls Aloud

We are the Chelsea and we Love you,

William Gallas nothing on you,

Asherly Cole, Asherley Cole .... Asherley Cole, Asherley Cole !!!!

Let me know your thoughts ::clap2::

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I've never been able to decipher the Essien song...it just sounds like Michael Michael Essien...lalalalalala...essien.lalalEssien. really hard to make ot a song

Sung to the 80's tune 'Give it up'

dun nun nun nun nun na na na Michael Essien,



Michael Essien

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What about something like this.....quite catchy and could create a bit of noise around the stadium. Takes a wee while to get started.....

We Follow you

Win, lose or draw

We follow Chelsea

And we will for ever more.... ;)

And repeat....

It has potential with a little work!

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