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New / Amended Profiles


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I will use this thread to alert people to amended pages within the fansite section as amended pages do not show up as new posts and therefore .withut this thread, people would never know when an existing page has been updated.

Profile for Dniael Sturridge and John Hollins have just been created. Both were written by Plokoon13 so my gratitude to him.

Sturridge's is in the Current Squad Profile section http://www.theshedend.com/index.php?showtopic=12284

and John Hollins's is in the Managers section http://www.theshedend.com/index.php?showtopic=12052

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He was here yesterday (or the day before) - probably busy planning how to spend another 3 years studying so as to avoid having to suffer the humiliation of pulling on a Burger King uniform.

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Just letting people know I have updated the Ron Hockings tribute to incorporate a photo provide by Bluebeard and also his own comments on the man


Also a reminder that you can't posts on the profiles as they ar read only but you can post any comments on any of the profile pages in this thread.

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