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Rare trip to the pub today I arrived just after the Manc derby . Plenty of noise and a sea of red with slightly less sky blue.

Ordered drink , a few comments came my way , all in good spirit though and i setteled into a nice position just in front of the BIG screen.

The bar was full, 90% Man Yoo , but i managed to gate crash the celebrations but thankfully nobody hit me with a coin.

3.51pm, im ready for my first pub game since the C.L. Final, Sky go to an add break , i go the the toilet , i come back and what's on the BIG screen ?? The f***ing all Ireland football final. Well b****cks to this , i went up to the bar and asked to have the Chelsea game put back on , 'Ah everybody wants to watch the GAA ' replies barman . 'Who wants to watch Chelsea anyway he says in a smug attempt at being sarcastic .

Typical reaction too from the Manc fans , they didnt complain either which i thought was bizzare considering they should have had a big interest in our result but that really summed them up, maybe tonight when they look at the table things might just click with them but i doubt it.

After about 10 miniutes i got the game back on , nobody really gave a f**k about the GAA so i told mr barman that he should change the name of the Bar to ' Old Trafford TV ' . and being a bit of a p**ck i asked for my money back for my drink and by this stage the bar was starting to empty. Man Yoo werent on the telly so why would anybody really have an interest in hanging around .

Anyway , i made some noise for 90 miniutes , enjoyed ouy victory in front of a half full bar surrounded by wa***rs who enjoyed booing Ashley , Drogs and Lamps , there was even the bonus of hearing an idiot in a Liverpool jersey shout mindless irrelivent comments regarding Franks mum, Drogs being of the dark skinned ethnic group and a wonderful chant of we won it 5 times . Probably the kind of supporter who would struggle to hold an intelligent debate or discussion on the game in general.

Overall it was a trip to the pub i will remember with more enjoyment than the previous encounter last year .

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