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Soopa Chels vs. Scumbags Pictures


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Great work Gem.

Was looking in the crowd there for the 2 dipper fans amonst the Chelsea supporters when Malouda

was celebrating his goal. Showed them on MOTD2 last night and their faces were a picture. Dirty tramps should have been

with their dirty ratmunching, sh*tfaced, scumbag mates.

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Okay okay, away fans shouldn't sit in the home end, especially for a game like this. It means true fans miss out on the chance to see their side... however... it does make for an excellent photo :D The guy in the middle with his finger on his lips. Great shot.


Oh look, Nancy Drew going down with no contact





EDIT: Also, I suspect the fans you've done the speech bubbles for (i.e. not celebrating/looking disinterested) are actually Scum fans, no CFC fan would just sit there after a last minute goal.

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