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Tim W

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Is there a rule for how many owners you can have in a season?

Apparently, according to Storrie, the new owner appears to have considerable assets; does that mean he/she will be on page 3?

He may have assest but failed to find the players wages:

''If you buy a Ferrari but cannot afford to put petrol in it, that is your foolishness''


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Good article, Bluenut. I love Martin Samuel

As he asks

Is he allowed to own a company? Is he involved with another football club? Has he a history of insolvency? Has he convictions for fraud or theft? Nobody asked if he had any money. Perhaps it is time they should.

I really cant believe this fact was overlooked. I know the rich get away with alot, but how in the hell did this takeover happen with just fleeting promises of investment? On the same day they were talking about Pompey's players not getting wages, he was in London having a kidney stone removed.

Thank god they have someone there who is (hopefully) going to invest. It seemed liked Al-Fahim just didnt care or couldnt. Worst business plan ever

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