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Madrid - best team in Europe


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Allegedly with most of their first team, too. Its incredible how lost they are without Ronaldo scoring two a game for them.

Pelligrini, despite the start he had, is already under serious fire from the manager killing press over there. One of the names linked with his post.............none other than the Gene Hackman Mr. Scolari himself

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Scolari at Real?

They'd be phenomenal for three weeks and would then get relegated.

He might not even make three weeks, the way they operate. Win or lose, its a revolving door there.

He is so aloof though, I could see it happening. An all around nice guy, likes to smile and joke, of course he would do what Florentino says, no questions asked.

Maybe he could tell them he is actually Del Bosque :D

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It going to cost 11mil to fire pelligrini so i think he may have a bit of time yet to prove himself. Its an embarrassing loss for them made even worse by the fact that the team who beat them is also from madrid so technically rivals of theirs

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