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FIFA and young players.


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Let me set the scene- this is a story of how FIFA protect the interests of up and coming footballers, of someone I know through a friend.

A young footballer, 17 years of age, is currently registered to NSW Premier League club Sydney United.

New A-League club gold Coast United approach said player and want him to sign for their youth team. He agrees on the Thursday, but plays an extra game for his current club on the weekend.

GCU are incensed; "breach of contract" they cry and the matter is reported to FIFA, and they punish him.

FIFA decide to hand a fair and just punishment to the lad: Not a one game suspension, not even a month's suspension, not even a fine.

Nine f**king months.

Needless to say, he is absolutely gutted. 9 months- essentially a season- is very crucial for a 17 year old especially when the pathways to professional football in Aus are so competitive already.

Great work FIFA, it's great to see them looking out for the development of the game.

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