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I have been meaning to put this up here for a while, but not that long a go I played resident Evil 4. I loved RE2 and Code veronice was okay, but outbreak was TERRRIBLE. I like the RE idea, never did play the 1st one, but seen it and it looked great.

Anyway, I played ALL of RE4, including completing it on the hardest level twice, and completing all the side missions (ada's story, etc) I ahev to admit, that the story of this game was brilliant, and the action was fast paced.

So, another chance to LIST, what are some of your favourite games, and why?

For me:

1)Resident Eviil 4, just a great story, adn non stop action

2)GTA San Andreas. The 1st that had any real character development, and loads of side missions

3)Return to Castle Wolfenstein; a brill first player perspective, where you go undercover to fight Nazis and their diabolical occultist plans. Shooting soldiers one minute, then monsters then next

4)Myst; a real thinkers game, with some brilliant problems to solve. When you first start you ahve NO idea what to do, then it just starts falling in place

5)Shivers, again a haunted house with puzzles and Egyptology

6)Street fighter 2; one of the best combat games, with gret characters

7)Hellfire; played this on the Sega megadrive (genesis in the USA), it was a japanese game and was really relly hard. A scrolling battle shoot em up with amazing graphics for the time.

8)Streets of Rage 2, great game and one of the first glorified violence games (knives, bottles, poles) all could be used

9)Most of the FIFA games, but some have become too similar, so probably an early 03 or 04 version

10)Half Life; great first person perspective shoot em up with awesome weapons, strange final boss though? And one of the first net play games I ever played

how about you?


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10)Half Life; great first person perspective shoot em up with awesome weapons, strange final boss though? And one of the first net play games I ever played

That is so true, wasn't it a huge thing with a baby like head on it bouncing up and down?

Played Half life 2 abit, and seemed like another great like the first.

Will have to think about the favourite games, because all I keep thinking of are the recent ones.

I guess it depends on what kind of consoles people got earlier on.

Shadows of the Empire on N64 I loved, and alot of games from there, Mario 64, etc.

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Here's my Top 10 in not particular order:

1.. Half Life 2 (PC) - Just a really immersive game I just didn't want to stop playing it until I'd completed it.

2.. Pro Evo 5 (PS2) - Any game that you still consistantly pick up and play 1 year after you've bought it is a testament to it's quality. I got Pro Evo 6 on Friday and I believe the same thing will happen.

3.. Football Manager 2006 (Mac) - Pure addiction gaming, like Pringles or smack. I got FM2007 on Friday I haven't yet played it though.

4.. Far Cry (PC) - Fantastic visuals and semi non-linear gameplay made this a first person shooter (FPS) of real style, it goes downhill though when you start fighting the freaks as they're just to damn hard to kill. The online deathmatch games were awesome as well.

5.. GTA Vice City (PC) - Immense game with endless replay-ability, I had San Andreas but couldn't get used to the controls. Why did they change them??

6.. Deus Ex (PC) - An intelligent FPS/RPG, again I couldn't stop playing until I'd completed it.

7.. Max Payne 2 (PC) - Slow-mo shooting and cracking visuals. Just like being in The Matrix.

8.. Perfect Dark (N64) - Quite simply a cracking FPS.

9.. Goldeneye (N64) - A FPS of the highest order.

10.. No One Lives Forever 2 (PC) - A classic FPS with a sense of humour!!

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This is not easy, but I'll give it a try.

1. Sanitarium - I love the story and the game is kinda freaky.

2. Baldur's Gate - Came on 5 CDs (I think) and that was a long time ago. Huge game that you can play forever (almost).

3. Neverwinter Nights - Good looking, good story, good game.

4. Planescape Torment - A bit morbid but still a cool game.

5. Half-Life 2 - The first game might be a classic, but the graphix in number 2 is amazing.

6. Alien vs Predator - Scary as hell. In space, no one can hear you scream...but in a apartment they can!

7. Max Payne - Cool. Just cool.

8. Mafia - Start off small and then become one of the big guys. Being a mafia guy is really fun.

9. The Sims - Only the first one. Fun game. But you spend too many hours playing it.

10. Unreal - Couldn't think of a game and remember this old one. I liked it.


1. Return To Castle Wolfenstein (multiplayer demo) - I just love this game and therefor I've been playing it for several years now. If anyone has played it and been killed, I'm probably the one who did it icon_twisted.gif

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resident evil 4 was brilliant, the last console game I have played outside of pro evo 5.

I'm not really big on games at the moment, but I am considering getting a bit more involved in it- that new nintendo console coming out seems relatively cheap and quite interesting (motion sensors etc)...

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resident evil 4 was brilliant, the last console game I have played outside of pro evo 5.

I'm not really big on games at the moment, but I am considering getting a bit more involved in it- that new nintendo console coming out seems relatively cheap and quite interesting (motion sensors etc)...

always sceptical of Nintendo after their forays into add ons like the bazooka, the duck gun, and most notoriably the Glove!!!

Just read on the net the other night that the whole Illuminados (in res evel 4) is based on a cult, and that the large castle, 2nd part of the game, is a reference to a castle about 3 miles from Luxembourg where this cult was meant to be headquartered!!!


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I wouldn't read into that too much, all of the cult stuff seems to be taken from a mix of the type of programmes on late night discovery channel and so on... quite cliched. but, in some ways better for it. I love leon's wooden (intentional or not) one liners for example.

for me, nintendo is good because of the price and that they are quite simple- PS3 could be great, but I heard the console will be around ?400 and you need a hard disk, some kind of liscense, multi tap, hd tv? etc etc etc....

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Half Life 2

Civilization 4

Pro Evo 5

Unreal Tournament

Rome: Total War

X-wing Alliance

and coming November 14, Medieval 2: Total War, which i anticipate will rock my socks

All on PC....never owned a console, never will.

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my top 10 games are

1) san andreas. the island in vicecity is like a town to it but there is far to much wooldna but its still great.

2) any pro evo. Best football game ever fifa can try but it wont succeed.

3) halo 2. great grpahics great multiplayer great everything.

4) vice city. amazing game. changed a genration

5) Gta 3 gr8 cars and gr8 radio channel.

6) tony hawks underground

7) buzz on ps2 lol. tht game is qaultiy

8) sims 2. highly addictive

9) need for speed undergroung.

10) soul calibre 2. Gr8 fighting game

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wow so many half life players and i played counter-strike 1.6 (still do a bit) for a big community, you guys play cs ill post for community adress (Another chelsea person there would be cool)

My top 5. 10 is to many!

5. Goldeneye (n64) best multiplayer game everrr

4. Football manager/Championship Manager series

3. Command and Conquer Tiberium sun (or any of the series)

2. Legend of Zelda: A link to the past.

1. Final Fantasy 7 (best gaME everrrrrrr)

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Metal Gear Solid on PS1 way back was probably the best game ever

fantastic shout, probably/ possibly my favourite game ever.

I still love zelda- a link to the past on the super nintendo and super mario world though.

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Dynablaster's pretty much the same game, isn't it? Multiplayer Dynablaster is just so much fun for such a simple game. Worms(2d) is also a fun multiplayer game. Good fun with the mates when you're having a couple of beers before heading to the bar/night club.

I was raised on Commodore 64 and 8bit Nintendo, and later on with the PC games I've been a big fan of the Lucasarts adventure games like the Monkey Island series, Sam & Max hit the Road and most importantly one of the best computer games ever created: Grim Fandango.

I used to play the EA Sports' Fifa series up until Fifa 2002, which is when I tried Pro Evo and I haven't played a full match of Fifa after that.

First person shooters and driving games have never been my cup of tea, with the only exception being the first Driver. That was a good fun driving game...the missions were ok, but just driving around San Fransisco with loads of cops after you and just trying to pull off the most outrageous stunts and manoveurs. Propably too arcade for car gaming purists, but just so much fun.

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My Top 10

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 (Best platformer ever, and probably my favourite game of all time)

2. Resident Evil 4 (Non-stop action, and a very atmospheric game with a lot of well-designed bad-guys to kill)

3. Metroid Prime (One of the most atmospheric games I've ever played; fantastic level-design, some really difficult, but fun bosses, and a lot to explore)

4. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Great story and some very entertaining cut-scenes, and I really enjoy the remake more than the original)

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Even with PES6 out, I can't get enough of this game)

6. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (Great platformer)

7. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Mix Snake and Rambo, and you'll get Snake Eater; great story, and an overall very well-designed game)

8. Shenmue (Very exciting story, and although a bit slow at times, it was always so rewarding getting that one step further)

9. Devil May Cry (Non-stop action)

10. Perfect Dark (Fantastic multiplayer, and a great single-player)

I tried to put them in a spesific order, but I don't really know which game I like better, but all of them are some of the best games I've ever played.

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almost forgot, anyone ever play a game called Megalomania. You were one of four overlors who could form alliances, and you progressed through time enochs building empires and attacking others. truly great, although at the end you had to attack quickly with nuclear weapons!!! Scary as then the next level you fought with lazers


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okay, I've decided to definately get the wii next month- it being cheap is probably the main reason, but I don't want to sit for hours playing final fantasy (never liked it)... I have... sort of had enough of console games... inthe last 2 years if it wasn't pro evo or resident evil 4 I didn't play it, and I'd prefer something I can play for 20 minutes a go. plus it sounds like being a real laugh in multi player.

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Talking of Sega Megadrive...I wonder how fast the first Sonic the Hedgehog would look like if you played it now after all these years. It was the fastest game I'd ever seen when it first came out, but that was about 10-15 years ago. icon_lol.gif

true, and remember when the next one came out, it ws that fast they had to administer epeleptic warnings about teh game and the quickness of the screens!!


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