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WHat clubber said basically.

If you log in to your account you should see a family and friends section. To add someone you need their surname, postcode and membership number.

Once they are added you can order tickets using their membership as well as your own and it means you will get seats together in thee ground

However remember that the person whose membership you are using is entirely responsible for the behaviour of the person using their membership so never let your membership be used by someone you don't know or trust 100% as you risk havingit taken away.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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Well, this is awkward!

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The Shed End Forum relies on revenue to pay for hosting and upgrades. While we try to keep adverts as unobtrusive as possible without pop ups, we need to run ad's to make sure we can stay online and continue to keep the forum up, as over the years costs have become very high.

Could you please allow adverts on this domain by switching it off. Some of the advert banners can actually be closed to avoid interferance of your experience on The Shed End.

Cheers now!

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Alright already, It's off!