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Last Movie You Watched

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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I was looking for a thread where you could name and rate the last movie you watched. Couldn't find one (tried the search engine but no joy) so i thought I'd take the liberty of creating one.

So what's the last movie you watched and how do you rate it?

(If there's already a thread please feel free to merge this one.)

Watched The Core on telly the other night. Rotten film, that.

Thinking of going to see 2012. Anyone seen it yet?

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The Pianist is a brilliant film. So is "Life is Beautiful". The last film I saw was The Reader, which is also about the war, but hinges on whether retrospective punishment for war crimes is justifiable.

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Haven't seen 2012 and might not see it either. To me it looks just like another braindead end of days movie.

Some interesting actors though that might be able to make the movie a bit better.

Personally I've seen quite a lot of movies lately but the last movie I saw was "My Sisters Keeper". Actually I finished watching it about 10 minutes ago.

Right now I'm still trying to wipe away all the tears the movie made me shed.

"My Sisters Keeper" is based on a book and apparently the book, while fictional, is partly based on a real event.

It's about a family that is hit with the tragic news that their oldest daughter Kate has leukemia.

Since they can't find any donors to give they have another daughter by "in vitro fertilization". She is made to be a perfect match to her sister and from the moment she is born she becomes a donor to her sister.

After a very long time she finally says she's had enough and sues her mother and demands full control of her own body. She knows that this will in the end lead to her sister dying.

It was a good movie, even if it is a bit sentimental sometimes.

The story jumps back and forth from time to time and that can be confusing, but not too much.

The actors are great.

I've never considered Cameron Diaz as a great actress, but in this one she's actually quite good.

Jason Patric plays the father and does a good job. Doesn't show too many emotions, but his character is the strong and silent kind. You can feel that he is in pain and is also tired, but he doesn't show it.

Evan Ellingson (who I thought was quite bad in "24") plays the son. I was surprised that he actually managed to be good in that part.

The two stars of the movie is however the two daughters - Kate & Anna - played by Abigail Breslin (from "Little Miss Sunshine") and Sofia Vassilieva who once played the lead in a movie called "Eloise at the Plaza" in which she was dreadful (the movie sucks as well).

In this she is brilliant. She plays Kate who has leukemia and she does an excellent job.

Breslin is on par with Vassilieva. She really shows that she is a very talented young actress.

Two other actors that should be mentioned is Alec Baldwin who plays the lawyer who takes on Annas case and the other one is Joan Cusack who in my oppinion is a very underrated actress. She plays the judge who will rule in the case between Anna and her mother.

All in all the movie was good and very, very sad.

Good actors and a very interesting story.

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I've been very busy lately, so it's been a little while since I've managed to watch an entire movie. The last movie that I've seen is either Inglourious Basterds or DiG!

Basterds was alright, although it was probably a bit too long and I wasn't too sure about some of the influences and styles from different movie genres that Tarantino had used. Anyway...I'd say it's a solid 3/5.

DiG! is an older movie and after I saw Ondi Timoner's latest movie We Live in Public, I decided to finally watch it. It's a fairly decent rockumentary, but We Live in Public is much better in my opinion, although you can't really compare them as the subject matters in the movies are so different. I'd say it's either 2/5 or 3/5. We Live in Public is a solid 4/5.

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'Paranormal Activity', took a while to get going but wasn't too bad a film.

I want too see that, it comes out on Friday!

I saw that Michael Jackson film, and that was really, really good, I was pleasantly surprised!

I watched the first hour or so of In Bruges a few days back and I was enjoying that, I'll get round to watching it this weekend.

I should soon hopefully be going to see The Men Who Stare At Goats! Heard it's hilarious, and I so hope it is :)

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I want too see that, it comes out on Friday!

(cough) Maybe for some!

I would say it is worth going to watch, not outstanding film but not bad once it gets going. It is filmed alike Blair Witch with the camcorder approach. There is a few different endings depending on what format you watch.

Also, seen 'The Fourth Kind' recently, not really as good as the reviews I have been reading.

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Really? All the reviews I've read/heard have said it's terrible, but people in school have said it's really disturbing...

Yea the trailers are better than the film. It's 99.9% psychological, if you watch it hoping to see Greys, UFO's, etc, you will be disappointed.

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The last film I saw was the Fourth Kind, and it was possibly the most terrible film I've ever been unfortunate enough to see.

It was just so poorly written, so poorly acted and it wasn't even entertaining. The trailer was literally better than the film. Absolute garbage.

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Cheers, moi - I'll be giving that one a miss then! ;)

On the other hand, BlueBeard, I forgot to mention that you see quite a lot of Kate Winslet's naked body indulging in rumpy-pumpy. Does that make a difference?

Oh and I didn't say what the conclusion of the film was - it may well have been to your liking!

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