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Are those Stains?


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Staines seem to be worried about the arrival of Millwall in the FA cup, this typical over-reation piece of jouralism has been sabbotaged by Millwall supporters who have left their comments, some classic stuff.

Some blinders..........

danny dyer said:

make no mistake this one is gonna be pwoper pwoper nawty. so nawty that i am turning up wiv me mate woss kemp. he is pwoper ard and wont take no nonsense from any tweatment or f twoop i tell yer.

Arthur Roundbottom said:

Any Millwall thug who interferes with my wifes bush will have me to answer to.

Jenny Hutt said:

Im just glad my ford cortine estate will be well out of the way hidden! i woudnt want any of these vile millwall maniacs anywhere near it

Mrs Brenda Aviton said:

I've just cacked into a pair of brand new Asda knickers thinking about this. Thank you very much and I hope you're happy with yourselves, bunch of ruffians.

Mr. Hutt said:

Jenny has left me and she's taken the car, thank you Millwall.

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