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Norman The Gambler

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When i was a teen i was into  likes of sex pistols and i bet my last $$$ that me mam and dad hated that style of music since it was so far from what they was brought up on .look where the sex pistols stand today in British culture and said band did jolly well since they are now at the icon mark to many .

there are quite a few bands or artists from the 1970s to mid 1990s that have icon make up ,but when i listen to the sh*tE that 

is spewed out today week in week out i really pitty for my next of kin since i just cant see how todays bands etc etc will ever make icon 

status 30+ years from now give or take ? 

saying that i bet my last $$$ again that my parents thought exactly the same about sex pistols .

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The most popular song in the "balcony song fest" (after the National Anthem – naturally) was "Azzurro" by 83yrs young Paolo Conte.  I look forward to seeing him again at San Remo next month.

This is "Gli Impermeabili" a favourite of mine – and who else sings about Raincoats ?



Mocambò (Paolo’s mythical favourite Bar)


Dampers down


Rain over the night signs.

I must think it over, think it over...

But it will depend, it will depend...


Which story do you want me to tell?

Ah! I can't say no, no no, no no,

no no, no no, no no, no no, no no...


And It will start again

Like in a rendez-vous


I go down to get me a coffee,

Excuse me a moment.

Pass your hand here, like this

Above my bruises.

But how it rains well on the raincoats!

And not upon the soul.


But how it rains well on the raincoats!

And not upon the soul

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Was watching an old bbc Arena Blues documentary on bbci player recently and this guy Big Bill Broonxy was featured.

The great country blues singer and guitarist Big Bill Broonzy performs "Worried Man Blues," "Hey, Hey" and "How You Want It Done."

From the DVD "A Musical Journey: The Films of Pete, Toshi and Dan Seeger."

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My favorite live performance ever recorded, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, one of the few that could really play Hendrix...He has a monument somewhere in Texas, he died in a helicopter accident. 

This song at the middle has a great speech which makes the whole thing perfect, take care all God bless!


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