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Norman The Gambler

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On 13/04/2021 at 18:20, Boyne said:


ACDC ,never actually been to a ACDC gig but i have been quite close to one . I used to travel to parts of Europe following big bands and selling unofficial t shirts ,hoodies , scarfs etc etc . We was all working a ADCD open air  concert in oslo few years back .in the day before the concert started we be on main Street knocking our bits out whilst doing upmost to aviod Police . We could never sell our unofficial goods outside the venue before whatever concert was given rule .

so we are all sat in a small bar about a 5 min walk from the ACDC open air concert untill said concert finished and it was open all ground on where we could sell what bits we had left . Done this many many times with various other bands but this ACDC one was different ,special ,unreal.

There was about 8 of us sat around this table all across from each other and we could not hear one single Word we was saying to each other whilst ACDC was banning away . We was shouting full pelt at each other standing up leaning over  and Even cupping our ears to no avail . The sound that carried from the stage to us a 5 min walk away from the outdoor arena was most close thing to a concorde taking off .

hate too think what it was like infront of the stage ,instead of selling t shirts ,scarfs and hoddies we should havd been knocking out ear plugs aswell 

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From the 1980s  great artist with a stunning Voice , great band and great track . The dance moves are so intune with the song and their dress sense aswell 

Fine young cannibals > Johnny come Home 



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Fine Young Cannibals > best cover version of Susspicious Minds todate . The two goons in the background on the 

guitars help make the video ,but that dont take away on how good and cool the leader singer is .



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