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Listening to the Wedding Present's 'Bizarro' album right now - a much ignored masterpiece.

Mark Beaumont wrote this about the Weddoes

They said it was impossible to make a noise like a heart snapping. For centuries they'd been trying: with piano and violin and harp and acoustic guitar and tin whistle and bloody great choir and anything else that can be plucked or puffed or caressed or tinkled. Nilsson caterwauled, Cohen mumbled, George Michael grimaced in a mullet but the most anyone could capture was a faint regret, a wistful shadow of a long-gone firestorm. Because heartbreak doesn't sound like a lilting piano coda in the saddest of keys or Sir Elton whimpering ona bout candles in winds or English roses or blah-de-blah boo-hoo.

Heartbreak doesn't sound pleasant. Heartbreak sounds like a herd of rabid bull elephant guitars stomping in your intestines, forever. It makes a filthy, deafening, agonised, gloriously painful noise.

A noise only one band has ever been brave, honest and inventive enough to make.

All of which is entirely correct. 'Brassneck' probably epitomises this more than any other track (although not my favourite track)

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The Cure's Wish album and, in particular, 'From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea'

This album, probably more than any other, was the common ground for my wife and I about 11 years before we actually got married.

This is a live version.

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Well, this is awkward!

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Cheers now!

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