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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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this bloke i know who supports liverpool sent me this earlier. he said it was on the official chelsea site but i think they've taken it off now.


Posted on: Sat 28 Nov 2009

History, dontcha love it?

Short of Arsenal being relegated there is nothing quite so delightful as seeing Liverpool knocked out of the Champions League.

In the group stage as well, and with one match still to play. A quick glance at the record books suggests this is a first for an English club - Man Utd hung on till the final group stage game in 2005 - so definitely a piece of a history there.

And funnily enough - as Motty used to tell Trevor Brooking - I think you'll find (heh heh) that Man Utd beat Debrecen twice that year too. You could call it a Hungarian Rhapsody.

£359 million in debt - give or take the odd £5 million. Exiled to Channel 5. Struggling to keep pace with Spurs... It doesn't get much funnier than this, and to add to the fun it seems they have to stick with Rafa Benitez because it would cost too much to pay him off.

I used to quite like Liverpool.

Bill Shankly was a character, Bob Paisley was a good man. And some of their best players seem to have a fondness for Chelsea - Alan Hansen and Kenny Dalglish usually have a good word to say for us, although that maybe because the Scousers can no longer compete with the Mancs.

But any residual respect has long gone because of their fans.

Talk about history...

These are the fans who literally got away with murder at the Heysel Stadium in 1985, and who two years ago went close to creating another Hillsborough tragedy in Athens.

These are the fans who scream to high heaven about Justice for Michael Shields but don't lift a finger to bring the true culprit to book. Evidently the Rule of Law only applies to other people.

To listen to them you'd think no one else had any 'history', particularly Chelsea.

Yet Liverpool's history isn't that glorious.

They were set up after a rent dispute with Everton, who originally played at Anfield. Initially the new club tried to call themselves Everton Athletic - they only became Liverpool when the FA refused to register the name.

For all the talk of their great fans, Liverpool's average crowd over the years is just 2,000 more than Chelsea's - and their biggest crowd, 61,905 back in 1952, is precisely 21,000 less than Chelsea's highest and puts them down at Number 18 in the all-time list.

'We never bought success' they claim, which is strange because the club owes its success almost entirely to the Moores family, best known for setting up the Littlewoods Organisation, once the largest privately-owned company in Britain.

Sir John Moores started off in gambling - Manchester born, he began by selling pools coupons outside Old Trafford in the 1920s - and later moved into the mail order and retail business.

In 1961 Moores and his family took control of Everton, and he started off by sacking their manager John Carey as the two men were in a taxi on the way to a meeting of the Football League in London.

But being a man who made his fortune from the pools, Moores decided to hedge his bets and also invested in Liverpool - which was how his nephew David, already club chairman, came to acquire a controlling stake after Sir John died in 1993.

As the scousers pet football expert Dr Rogan Taylor admits:

'Liverpool fans have a lot to be grateful for from him. He is passionate about the club and has put a lot of money into the team.'

As for that great European history, they have indeed won it five times, as they never cease to remind us: it being the Cup with Big Ears.

Yet Liverpool only won their first European trophy, the UEFA Cup, in 1973 - two years after Chelsea beat Real Madrid in Athens.

And when Chelsea became the first English club to qualify for the European Cup, back in 1955, Liverpool finished in eleventh place.

That's eleventh place in Division Two.


that was written by giles smith,got to love the bloke.

and this is the link


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I feel like this kind of banter should be reserved for fan blogs. I dont know how I feel about it attached to the official site. I realize thats far from the worst than can be said, and nothing more than the truth, but I dont see why it needs to be up there.

It seems small time to talk about other clubs, and defend the charge of "no 'istory", on the club's official website. As they say, making history, not reliving it.

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I saw that the other day and did quite enjoy it for a bit of a laugh...but I will admit I was kind of surprised that it was in fact on the club's site. I was sort of under the impression that it was part of a feed from a blogger or something? (not too sure)...but not like an "official" announcement type deal. Either way, a good read from a supporters perspective IMO.

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i can see what you mean but really it was a blog even though it was on the official site. it wasn't like an official club statement or anything. theyve taken it off the site now anyway so i guess they must have had complaints.

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i can see what you mean but really it was a blog even though it was on the official site. it wasn't like an official club statement or anything. theyve taken it off the site now anyway so i guess they must have had complaints.

wonder who could possibly have complained about it? ; suspect who ever it was threatened to set up some sacred bleeding heart campaign group etc.

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