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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Is this film worth going out to watch?

Or is it just the same as "The Day After Tomorrow" ;)

I haven't seen it but the impression I get is that it is almost like "The Day After Tomorrow". Stupid story about the end of the world and a s*itload of special effects.

Still, if I would see it I would probably try and catch it in a cinema because the effects in the movie will probably not be as "cool" on a regular tv.

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considering who the director is im guessing it will be a load of spectacular set pieces strung together by a lightweight, garbled storyline. its Roland Emmerich`s forte.

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A few of my mates have seen it and according to them you're more likely to like it if you go in expecting to see an over the top silly disaster romp. The special-fx look impressive(according to my mates) and if you want a bit of mindless, loud and action filled fun, then it's not so bad. Apparently it's basically just a b-movie made with a HUGE a-movie budget.

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