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World cup 2010 Refs


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heres a list from FIFA`s site showing which referees from each area have been pre-selected for the 2010 world cup. now, which name stands out the most for you?


That list is from october 2008. In other words, before our game against Barcelona.

Maybe they'll make a few changes before the final list comes out?

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UEFA didn't ban him from UEFA competitions, so why would FIFA do such a thing? I'd be more surprised about this if some big cheese at either of those organisations had come out and said that Øvrebø actually was a disgrace, but since no one did that, there's no reason for them leave him out of the list of World Cup referees. I mean, according to the official opinion Øvrebø has done his job well, so if they now left him out of the World Cup, they would basically admit that Øvrebø actually had been a disgrace. That would just cause a bigger scandal and that's not what FIFA wants.

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This is what they do, so it shouldnt be a surprise to anyone. When they make an error they dont atone for it and try to correct it, they dig their heels in.

It won't be a shock if UEFA uses him in the latter stages of the CL, but it'll be surprising if FIFA selects him for WC2010. He is a horrible referee.

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