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Arsene and Cesc look at things differently


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Chelsea are 'average' without Didier Drogba, says Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas has cast serious doubt over Chelsea’s ability to maintain their recent form during next month's African Cup of Nations by describing them as a “normal†team without Didier Drogba.

By Jeremy Wilson, 7:00AM GMT 08 Dec 2009

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/footba ... regas.html

"An average team that has the best striker in the world can always do something, and Didier Drogba makes all the difference to them," said Fabregas. "Without him their team would not be the same," added the Arsenal captain. Arsenal have suffered 3-0 and 4-1 home losses against Chelsea over the past six months, including last Sunday’s defeat, but Fabregas refuses to see Chelsea as a vastly superior side. "Overall I saw a Chelsea team that was normal - but a team that has probably the best striker in the world, and that makes such a difference," he said. "In midfield you could see that, if we wanted, they could never take the ball from us. The difference sometimes comes up front - we couldn't take advantage last Sunday while they did. We accept, though, that Chelsea are currently the strongest side."

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so thats wenger, van persie and fabregas who have came out with the same bollocks after they lost. they have really taken that battering very hard havent they. which is obviously brilliant amd also hilarious.

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Last season we finished above Arsenal (you could argue that Le Arse were a much stronger team last season with Adebayor and Torre) by 11 points without Drogba for the main part of it, Anelka slotted in and ended up the top scorer in the league. Explain that Cesc ?

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In midfield you could see that, if we wanted, they could never take the ball from us.


You say that you could have continually retained possession if you wanted to so why did you deliberately give us the ball all of the time? Was it some sort of reverse psychology tactic that Arsene thought up? Or had you put a little bet on your lot losing? Or are you just talking a load of old bollocks?

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