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MOTM vs Birmingham

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Who was your MOTM against Birmingham?  

52 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your MOTM against Birmingham?

    • Cech
    • A Cole
    • Terry
    • Alex
    • Ivanovic
    • Mikel
    • Lampard
    • Belletti
    • Drogba
    • Malouda
    • Sturridge
    • Kalou
    • J Cole
    • Ballack

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For me this is an eay choice. Alex was exceptional at the back and a constant danger when going forward for set pieces. A shame the rest of the team didn't do more to pick up on the scraps which his headers created. Once again he is proving that when given the chance to play he is our most consistent centre half.

Honourable mentions for Cech, terry and Kalou who looked bright when he came on.

On the flip side Malouda, Lampard and Joe Cole were not up to scratch. I also thought Drogba looked nowhere near his best.

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it's a close call between JT and Alex, but i'll give it to the latter...gave everything at the back and up front (!!) to get the win...just want to give sturridge some credit...sadly he missed a big chance, but i thought he looked lively and overall played well

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For once there was a few players that could have got my vote, but I went with Ivanovic in the end. Thought about Alex, but I thought he looked a bit slow at times.

Ivan was good as usual and together with Ashley he has been one of our best players this season.

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Gave it to Cech the save from Larson's free kick was world class

Can't understand what the fuss about Kalou's performance is all about, Sturridge looks a far better player and he should weld his position as no 3 in the coming weeks. Kalou has been so poor so often that a few minutes of what is expected does count for much in my book. Whether he can do that week in week out and for 90 minutes is another thing and one he hasn't taken when give oh so many chances. Perhaps it was the performance of Sturridge that sparked today's improved effort.

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kalou was lively. but no more than that...in fact he missed one of the best chances, although it was a good save...if you're a top striker though you'd take it...think you're right tim about him being fired up with sturridge starting...i mean it's his last game before ACN and carlo puts him on the bench...hardly a sign the coach rates him that highly...meanwhile, frank was clearly miffed at being subbed, but can he really have cause for complaint...his shooting and passing were rarely on target...he can only say he should have stayed on for what he's done in the past, not the way he's playing at present

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JT did everything that was asked , made an important block in the 2nd half when they were threatening. The whole backline played well today , we really need to build again on this stability. Kalou did well when coming on underlining the need for a player capable of going past someone in the side when games are tight.

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Alex for me, looked solid at the back and his free kick deserved a goal, JT, Ash, Cech Ivan all looked very assured.

Kalou had a bit of impact in his best role (late sub)

Sturridge looked good early on but looked no better than Kalou in the second half.

Drogba reminded me of the Drogba of early last season and why the team misses Anelka.

Birmingham played quite well and Joe Hart looks a very good young keeper.

The team has gone a bit flat and the way the team plays has been sussed by other teams ala last season, keep changing managers is not the way to counter it(IMO).

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Alex, by a distance, for moi. Unstoppable in defence, AND attack. And what a kick that was too. Glad we renewed that contract.

No matter how much Cech would end up doing, he doesn't get enough credit. He was terrific - and has been all season, IMHO.

Ivanovic was bright, as ever.

Mikel's been solid in his position, in the painful absence of Essien. Has been passing well and supports the centre-backs well in defence.

Lampard, Malouda and Belletti were okay, in my opinion. Would've preferred Zhirkov in, over the latter two, to start. And I thought the second yellow for Malouda was silly...should'nt have been. Lampard seemed a tad confused about his shot on goal in the first half. He probably thought he was offside, but all said and done, it was a ghastly miss. He racks in three penalties on the trot one day, and then misses a sitter. Should've slotted that in.

And just when we start despising a certain Kalou, he comes up with a very promising performance. Got into good positions, was quick, and created more half-chances than Drogba could in his last two outings for the year - at Upton Park and St. Andrews. Sad that Drogba couldn't wrap up the year with a goal or two for us.

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