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Who would you play at the tip of the diamond?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

Who would you play at the tip?  

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  1. 1. Who would you play at the tip?

    • Joe Cole
    • Florent Malouda
    • Deco

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Simple enough poll.

Notice I haven't included Zhirkov as an option. The reason for this is that I think he would get votes purely on the grounds that the other three are failing to deliver and also the fact that we haven't actually seen Zhirkov play there means it could be that he is equally poor.

So of the three players that have been tried there (Joe, Malouda and Deco) who would you select?

Based on what we have seen this season I would choose Deco. That doesn't mean I have been massively impressed by him - more that the other two have been so poor.

What I would say in defence of all three of them is that I don't think the rest of the team are actually playing the diamond formation properly and too often the player at the tip is being bypassed as players behind them aim for Drogba's head. This makes the tip a somewhat redundant position and whoever is playing in it ends up chasing shadows to try and get involved.

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It depends on who and where were playing, if your talking away to manure, I'd want Malouda, if it was at home against Wolves, I'd give Joe the start and Deco some play time later in the game.

So I guess I shoul vote for Malouda.

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voted for Joe, think Malouda is better of sticking to the left-side (or the bench after the last game ;), while Deco has not impressed me at all this season. I hope Joe is still got it in him somewhere to provide the creativity we are lacking at the tip of that diamond, although I'm not too confident about it.

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Deco, I'm afraid. While he is more often shocking than not, he does have the occasional stormer (Sunderland, for example) where he'll be incredible. Joe Cole, for me, should be on the bench, as he's been awful since he came back from injury.

While I'd like to see Malouda in the first XI, I don't think he really fits in at the tip of the diamond, and would be much better off on the left of midfield. He also brings Ashley Cole into the game a lot more than Ballack or Lampard do, and gives us a genuine threat down the left. However, I don't think he is as good as Zhirkov, who I think (sorry to echo the sentiments of a lot of people here) deserves a start against Fulham.

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I would rotate Joey and Kakuta if we have to use the diamond though something tells me it will be ditched whilst the African Nations is on. What happens once that tournament is finished is dependant on how things go playing two behind the main striker.

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Nobody! We should drop the diamond immediately, shoot the twat that introduced it, and play an attacking 4-4-2 with wingers. F*ck what formations other sides use, let them worry about us!

I would love that as I prefer every line-up with wingers. Zhirkov on the left, Ess and Lamps in the middle and Joe on the right would be my choice then. Anyways I really cant see that happening.

If we play the diamond I would like to see Kakuta getting a chance there. If he is not doing good there then I would pick Deco. As he had some games in which he was actually good. Something I cant say about Lamps, Malouda and Joe.

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i still say joe...he actually started game against west ham well...he can go right and left unlike malouda, who is very left footed, while deco won't be seen again till the sun comes out again...problem is joe fades badly after the hour mark (due to lack of fitness) so we need good cover on the bench

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Nobody! We should drop the diamond immediately, shoot the twat that introduced it.

Well I'm with you up until here, but I'd go 4-3-3.

As I've posted before CA's constant tinkering is getting on my tits, Ranieri got nigh on hung for it. it's resulted in Malouda's dip, Joe Cole's failure to get going and I would like to say Kalou's lack of form but that's inherent. On the plus side he's giving some youth a run out which I like to see.

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This is simply a question that no one has a definite answer to. Because neither of the three has managed to impress. Malouda hasn't played at the tip as much as the other two, so he deserves a slight benefit of the doubt IMHO. But a lot of us would rather have him play alongside Lampard.

I suppose a lot of us would rather have us drop the diamond altogether, and figure out another way of using the midfield-potential we have in our ranks.

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