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Time for Youth?

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Is it time to build the aging squad? We have some great young players who play a handful of games and then get loaned out while we continue to pursue high priced talent in pursuit of the Holy Grail. If the club is not going to give these youngsters a serious chance, win or lose....then what's the point of having young players in the club?

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Because on the off chance one of them makes it we save about 20 million. The reason we use the youth players and then loan them out is because firstly its the best way to check their progress and secondly it allows our scouts to name players who came through the youth ranks and played for the first team when approaching childrens parents regarding us

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So you want us to be the next Arsenal? Is that right?

Dont get me wrong im as pleased as the next guy when a truely tallented youngster comes through the ranks but to risk the league and cups just to give the youngsters a chance isnt good business imo. If we got a player like Aguero who is 21 he could serve chelsea for the next 10 to 12 years and he is already performing at the top level of football or you have Borini who bless his cotton socks does try but even his own agent said he isnt a natural but he works hard.

So the question is do we risk dropping more points while Drogba is away or does Frank and Roman ignore Ancelotti and go out and get us a goal scorer. I personally hope that Roman puts his hand in his pocket and buys coz lets face it Ancelotti won 1 or 2 league titles with Milan over 7 or so years i think. Do we really want to wait another couple of years for the league and hope that we win the Champions League (that sounds just like Liverpool to me).

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I for one am torn. We have a very good, albeit, old squad right now. I want to see the young players integrated more now, to help the transition brought about by retirements, or just reducing abilities of the older players.

On the other hand, such actions could quite easily affect the short term success.

For instance, I would love to see Matic used, maybe as a successor of Ballack, but it is possible that he may not be up to all the pressure at this point. On the other hand, if we wait till rivals for his position leave, he'd be thrown into the deep-end when he's needed, and may not have enough experience to deal with it.

I would say the same with Bruma replacing Carvalho, but Terry and Alex will still be there for a couple of years after.

Replacing Anelka and Drogba will be a challenge. Both over 30, but there's no way that if the likes of Sturridge, Borini and Di Santo were left to basically start their careers after the two men stop playing, the young players are unlikely to succeed immediately.

If we start integrating youth now, we run the risk of falling short of our lofty goals....if we integrate youth as they're needed in the future, we will probably struggle when the time comes.

But think about it this way....there isn't the incentive for Carlo to move towards a youth revolution, because he will know perfectly well, based on recent history, that if he's not succesfull in the short run, he won't be here to reap the benefits of the improved youngsters in the future. Such is Roman's desire for trophies.

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I fully understand the arguements for keeping a winning team or at least a team with a chance of winning...with players coming and going it's hard to build a dynasty...or are those days gone in the game? I am no Arsenal fan...can't stand them for the last 30 plus years but they do play entertaining football..up to the 18 yard line anyway and they go forward..not sideways and backwards. They give their kids a chance...before everyone points out they have not won anything for the last few years....they are on the cusp...wait and see what happens over the next 3-4 years. Arsenal will be there while we are still searching the globe to replace Lampard, Drogba and co...these will be our dark years....I hope not unless we invest time on the pitch with the likes of Sturridge and co I have been a Blues supporter since 1966 and love the winning ways.....lets hope we keep going with youth and experience,,

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The key is to try and find a blend between youth and experience imo, and of course the right quality of both. The youth team can produce plenty of top quality players who can earn the club lots of money in transfers and sell on fee's yet still not produce players of the calibre required for our first team. If we still have the ambition to compete with the European elite that is.

Lets not forget that Arsenal have been saying 'give it 3-4yrs' for the last 3-4 yrs now. They have won nothing while building for the future and then to make things worse they sell their young players just as the potential starts to be realised (how long before Fabregas walks?), who wants that?

I'd rather have a team capable of competing today while still investing in the future via the youth team,scouting network and transfer policy.

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The reason Arsenal haven't cracked it is because they have been unable to get the right blend bteween experience and youth.

Man Utd on the other hand cracked it big time with the introduction of the likes of Giggs, the Nevilles, Scholes, Butt and Backham whilst the likes of Bruce, Pallister, McClair and others were still around. They also had the added ingredient of Cantona who was the main catalyst for the start of their success.

If we are to try something similar then now is the time to do it whilst we still have the likes of JT, Lamps etc to help bring these young ones through. Eventually the young ones become the older experienced players ready to bring other youngsters through HOWEVER there is still a need to bring in at least one new player in each summer window to keep the recipe going.

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