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Sir Alex Ferguson to escape FA action

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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quelle surf**kingprise....

so he`s on a suspended 2 match ban yet gets away with once again slagging of the ref. the FA are a f**king joke considering a lot of managers have been done for a lot less, ours included.

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I didnt think the coments were terrible either, just really bizarre given the circumstances, but the fact that he was on a suspended ban and could do that just shows its one rule for him, and another for everyone else.

Sir Alex and Wenger seem to really be outdoing themselves this year in the poor sportsmanship department.

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So, the suspended part of the ban was basically useless? Because if you violate the same rules twice, and dont incur a punishment either time, what is it good for?

Is he really untouchable ? or are we all just bitter ? ... or does he deserve the leniency due to his services to football ?

If its bitterness, its not just us. Its every non-manc in the world, and indeed some of their fans that are getting totally sick of it.

But if this was Jose Mourinho doing this for us, lets be honest, we'd be a little redfaced but would probably defend him against other fans (maybe with the line "well wenger and ferguson have gotten away with it for years") so I try to remember that. But I am thankful we have Carlo who keeps his mouth shut and just gets on with it

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