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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Obviously the guy has his own agenda, and one that is completely the opposite to ours at that. He wants Drogs to win the ANC for him, We barely even want him to be there. The club vs country debate is impossible to solve and in my mind both sides have a fair point. That said if we have to put up with him being away for a month, then we have every bloody right to play him in however many games the manager sees fit for him to play in.

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and in my mind both sides have a fair point.

lol, you're wrong. International football is merely a FIFA money-spinner that plays on vague sentiments of patriotism and nationalism, which is run at no risk to FIFA since they use the assets of professional clubs who spend lots of money training and developing players.

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I agree with your point to a degree, (particularly in regard to the Ashton situation for example.) But while international football is being played, national managers have a right to select the best players, particularly for big tournaments. I see you're from Sydney, so you'll well know the trouble's Australia has had in the past as a result of not being able to select the best squads, last night for example, or even more notably last year when we lost actually to Kuwait.

I think there is a place for international football, always will be and while I don't think that clubs should be able to dictate to national teams, I also don't think national managers should be able to dictate terms to clubs as Halihodzic is trying to do here.

BTW just on the vague sentiments of patriotism and nationalism. I'd hardly call myself a patriot or a nationalist, but I would say that being at the ground when Australia beat Uruguay on penalties to qualify for our first World Cup in 32 years was one of the great experiences of my life.

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