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Those Yanks at Liverpool


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HAH! Boy, they really cant do much right

I wonder how this "polite inquiry about the clubs finances" really sounded that it inspired two emails form the son of a multimillionaire. Probably as polite as the kopite media campaign that drummed Steven Cohen out of radio by threatening his children's lives

"Honest, it wasnt me who started it!"

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Anyone else think that the scouser made this up? E-mail addresses aren't hard to spoof, so it wouldn't take much effort for a scouser who's bitter with the lack of funds to make it up? Just to add more pressure on the board so they can get rid of them.

I can easily see that happening, myself.

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Oh my, the Scouse media campaign/boycott machine strikes again!

Maybe the sale of a major star is just over the hill, and they are trying desperately to keep the fans from rioting! One can hope, but if they are up sh*te creek in the summer, no CL and no Europa League bonus to keep them happy, the sale of a hugely expensive asset like Torres, to rebuild the whole team would make serious sense. I think this is the route down which Atl Madrid will go with Aguero, sadly (but happily for us, assuming we get him)

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