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CFC Management Class of 2000

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Nice article in The Times

Gustavo Poyet takes pride in graduation day from Chelsea class of 2000

Gustavo Poyet, who takes his Brighton & Hove Albion team to Villa Park in the FA Cup fourth round tomorrow, knows that his experience of beating Aston Villa in the final ten years ago will have no bearing on the outcome of the tie.

Playing for Chelsea, who defeated Villa 1-0 at Wembley in 2000, has, however, laid the groundwork for what he hopes will be a successful career as a manager.

The former Uruguay midfield player took over at Brighton in November, the most recent graduate of a Chelsea squad that included future managers such as Didier Deschamps, Gianfranco Zola, Roberto Di Matteo, Dennis Wise and Dan Petrescu.

“It was probably one of the most horrible finals ever, but we had Robbie [Di Matteo], a specialist at scoring in FA Cup Finals,†Poyet said. “So the memories are good.

“We were a special group — we talked about football all the time, analysing, watching the opposition, trying to find solutions on the pitch as well.

“We were together often — a lot of foreigners, probably too many, in a different country, most of us without our families. We helped each other and that personal relationship helped the team.â€

The manager was Gianluca Vialli and it was his team-mate’s transition from pitch to dugout that sparked Poyet’s interest in the role.

“Gianluca started as a player- manager, so you talked to him as a player and then saw his decisions as a manager, on the other side of the fence,†he said. “I watched [Claudio] Ranieri, and Glenn Hoddle and David Pleat when I moved to Tottenham. I even made a list, which I hope no one ever sees, of what to do and what not to do if I became a manager. ‘What not to do’ is longer, because the ‘what to do’ comes naturally.â€

How many entries on the long list were made while he struggled to adapt to Pleat? “Under David, I went from being a big part of the Tottenham team to not being part of it at all,†he said. “But I was playing quite poorly, so, being honest, I think it helped me make the decision to stop playing.

“I’m not saying he pushed me out, that wouldn’t be fair. There’s nothing personal with any of the managers, just how you like the training and the way of playing. I only have great words for Spurs.â€

Even though he was sacked as first-team coach along with Juande Ramos in October 2008? “I was pleased,†he said. “I tried to put in my contract that if the manager left, I would leave with him, because I didn’t want Juande to think that I was there to get his job.

“But the club didn’t let me. If they hadn’t sacked me, I would have been contracted to stay and would have had to pay to leave.â€

It helped Poyet, 42, to make the jump from assistant under Wise at Swindon Town and Leeds United, then Ramos at Tottenham, to No 1. “All my life I’ve wanted to make decisions, and I trust my feelings when I do,†he said. “It was difficult doing everything during the week and then not picking the team.

“I know some people are happy to do that, but although it was difficult at the beginning, I needed to make that step. I learnt a lot as an assistant from two managers who were totally opposite and now I need to do it my way.â€

Poyet’s way has lifted Brighton out of the bottom four of Coca-Cola League One and more than 6,000 fans will travel to Villa Park in the hope of seeing his team continue their improved away record against the Carling Cup finalists.

“The players want to play in that sort of stadium and it will be nice for me to have a feeling of being back at the top, but of course it depends on how the game goes,†he said. “There’s still plenty to do, but we’re getting the idea of how to play the game.

“I think there are big possibilities here in the future. But that depends on me now.â€

Final step to management

Didier Deschamps Monaco 2001-05, Juventus 2006-07, Marseilles 2009-present Dennis Wise Millwall 2003-05, Swindon Town 2006, Leeds United 2006-08 Dan Petrescu Rapid Bucharest 2004, Sportul Studentesc 2004-06, Wisla Krakow 2006, Unirea Urziceni 2006-09, Kuban Krasnodar 2010-present Roberto Di Matteo Milton Keynes Dons 2008-09, West Bromwich Albion 2009-present Gianfranco Zola West Ham United 2008-present Chris Sutton:

Lincoln City 2009-present Gustavo Poyet Brighton & Hove Albion 2009-present Chelsea v Aston Villa (FA Cup Final, 2000):

E de Goey, M Melchiot, F Leboeuf, M Desailly, C Babayaro, R Di Matteo, D Wise, D Deschamps, G Poyet, G Weah, G Zola. Also played for Chelsea in 1999-2000: D Petrescu, C Sutton

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I read that whole peice thinking to myself, that I can't believe how much I want to like that c*nt, I don't though so all's okay with the world.

same here, its the same when i hear him or see him on telly or radio. he`s a good laugh and comes over really, until i remember him kissing the cock and i turn him off. (thats something i never thought i would ever write ;) )

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"First In Last Out" actually

Back to the subject - if my memory serves me well didn't Raners force Poyet out of the club as a means of wielding power, i.e. to get him out the dressing room! And the y*ddish ones came up with the best offer. I know it's no excuse for behaving like an incredible twat, but isn't it often the case that we the fans see the game/club as a religion while most players, especially overseas players, see it as employment/employer situation.

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I am pretty sure it wasn't Claudio that forced him out but the fact that Hutch would only offer him a one year contract when Poyet wanted two. Poyet thought he has two or more years of playing left in the tank and wanted to finish his career at Chelsea but Hutch said it was one year or nothing.

The story was that at the meeting when Hutch told him that Poyet ended up scrawling a transfer request on a piece of tissue paper that he had in his pocket.

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